Personal avatar template and instructions

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Personal avatar template and instructions

Postby Lordz » Thu Jan 12, 2006 10:19 pm

As it seems that more and more board useres are trying to create their personal avatar it will be helpful to provide some instructions to produce avatars that comply with the forum style.

Therefor i created a photoshop template that can be downloaded here:


1. Open the avatar template file.
2. Copy the image of your personal avatar into the layer named "portrait"
3. Set the layer "control frame for face" to visible so it is above the portrait
4. Adjust your portraits size and position that the face is visible in the oval frame - the face should fill the whole oval.
5. Set layers "frame" and "shadow" to visible and "control frame for face" to invisible
6. If necessary adjust the background of your portrait image in case it would not cover all of the black background
7. Save your avatar image as jpg file
8. Contact one of the board admins (best ask Lady Meg - she is the forum specialist) to upload your avatar.
9. Have fun with your custom avatar

Thats it. :)

Hope this helps clearing up some questions.

The Lordz

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Postby Bjonatan » Mon Jun 09, 2008 11:11 pm

thank you very much for posting it!

unfortunatly, when i click on the link it says "404: not found",so its a dead link.
could you check the link and maybe renew it, so i can download the template?
really looking forward to making my own avatar.

thank you very much.


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Re: Personal avatar template and instructions

Postby Ziuk » Fri Jun 01, 2012 10:25 am

Where can i find avatar template file ?

This link doesnt work: ... mplate.psd
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Re: Personal avatar template and instructions

Postby NeY » Fri Jun 01, 2012 11:46 am

I guess this is not the LordZ site

It seems this topic hasn't been updated in 4 years :s
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Re: Personal avatar template and instructions

Postby Lord Von Clausewitz » Fri Jun 08, 2012 11:03 pm has not been used by the lordz in 4 years.

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