NTW2- Peninsula Pack and Portugal Expansion Release Notes

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NTW2- Peninsula Pack and Portugal Expansion Release Notes

Postby Lady Meg » Sat Nov 10, 2007 8:50 pm

Install instructions-
1) NTW2 is a modification for RTW 1.5/ RTW:BI 1.6. In order to play NTW2, please ensure that you have fully updated your version of RTW and that there are no other mods present. In other words, you must have a clean install of RTW.

Note: Older installs of NTW2 are generally okay as the installer will remove any erroneous information.

2) Download the Peninsula Pack full install from the Lordz website here. You will need Winrar to extract the files inside. WinRar Extract the contents of the rar folder.

3) Double click on the program and the install will begin. Follow the prompts to finish installing NTW2 to your PC.

The installer-
The previous NTW2 install (Austrian/ Comm Patch 2) will be removed from the modification when you begin to install the new Peninsula Pack. This means that if you have any older maps, skins, and any text files and so forth that you would like to keep, BACK THEM UP!

If you want to keep anything from the older release then please make a folder for them and place them outside of your Napoleonic folder for safekeeping. The Lordz are not responsible for any material that may be lost in the new installation.

For those of you who own the DVD version of RTW, you may have to browse or search for your RTW root directory. The Pen Pack installer will use the ?Activision? address when installing. It's been reported that the DVD version uses a different address. If you own a newer version of RTW, simply direct the NTW2 installer to where you have installed RTW.

**Installer Options: You will be given the option to select these during the install process.

Create Desktop Shortcut- Creates a shortcut on your desktop for faster game initializing. (Duh :P).

Use Minimal GUI- (This has been rumored to be bugged). Only the unit cards will be displayed in battles on the User Interface if this option is selected. The mini-map, options, and time selections are removed.

Use Quick Chat- Enables "Y" for global chat and "T" for team chat while ingame.

Disable Arrow Markers- Removes the green arrows under selected units. Units will only highlight.

Install Low Resolution Textures- One half the size of normal textures. Installing these can cut down on lag slightly while reducing unit detail.

The Map Pack-
Download the Map pack from the Lordz website here.
There is now a new organizational method for the maps that we hope will be easier to search through when choosing a map; there are also new preview pictures for the maps. This is a rather large pack of information, so it has been released as a separate download to save on download time for the main modification installer.

Since these maps are the same maps, with just different "names", it is recommended that you remove your current maps from the napoleonic\data\world\maps\custom folder of your NTW2 root directory. If you want to keep any maps in the current NTW2 modification (Austrian/ Comm Patch 2) then it would be wise to make a back-up copy.

Community Patch 2.0-
Is included in this install of NTW2. This means that you now only need one install for the main playing version of NTW2. Keep in mind that the Map Pack is a separate install and should also be downloaded to ensure that the community is up-to-date and synchronized.

If you have any comments, suggestions or issues, please don't be afraid to ask.
-The Lordz

Portugal Expansion Release Notes
NB- This should is covered in the installer readme, but I will print it here again to be safe.

The Peninsula Pack, NTW2 version 3.6, is required for the Portugal Expansion. Instructions on how to install this can be found here:

The Portugal Expansion installs in the napoleonic folder in the RTW root directory. If installed correctly, the version number on the main menu will say 3.8.

*The installer option ?Lingering Smoke? will allow musket smoke to build up and cloud the field, making for a more gritty and hazy battle. This is not recommended for people with older, slower PCs. It will cause lag.

*The graphic options will be set to the highest selection possible. It is recommended for slower or older PCs that these options be tweaked as the user sees fit in the main menu/options/video/advanced.

Please go to the Downloads section of the site to begin your download.

Enjoy, The Lordz Modding Collective
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