NTW2- How do I install NTW2?

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NTW2- How do I install NTW2?

Postby Lady Meg » Sat Nov 10, 2007 8:48 pm

Install instructions
1) NTW2 is a modification for RTW 1.5/ RTW:BI 1.6. In order to play NTW2, please ensure that you have fully updated your version of RTW and that there are no other mods present. In other words, you must have a clean install of RTW.

Install RTW.
Install RTW patch 1.3.
Install RTW patch 1.5.

2) Download the NTW2 version 1.0 full install from the Lordz website here. You will need Winrar to extract the files inside. WinRar
Download NTW2 version 1 Patch if you already have the older version of NTW2 version 1.0. New users need only download the Full Install.

3) Extract the contents of the rar folder.

4) Double click on the program and the install will begin. Follow the prompts to finish installing NTW2 to your PC.

5) Optional: Install the Community Map Pack for Multiplayer battles.
The Map Pack will be updated in about a week's time to include more community submitted maps.

NTW2 version 1.0 uses the mod switch, so no original RTW files will be edited. (You can have as many mods installed on a single RTW folder as long as the use the mod switch.) It is recommened that you install this complete version of NTW2 on a clean copy of RTW 1.5.

Installer Options: You will be given the option to select these during the install process.

Create Desktop Shortcut- Creates a shortcut on your desktop for faster game initializing. (Duh :P).

Use Quick Chat- Enables "Y" for global chat and "T" for team chat while ingame.

Disable Arrow Markers- Removes the green arrows under selected units. Units will only highlight.

Install Low Resolution Textures- One half the size of normal textures. Installing these can cut down on lag slightly while reducing unit detail.

Install Lingering Smoke ?Lingering Smoke? will allow musket smoke to build up and cloud the field, making for a more gritty and hazy battle. This is not recommended for people with older, slower PCs. It will cause framerate drop.

Please go to the Downloads section of the site to begin your download.

Enjoy, The Lordz Modding Collective
Further information on installation and various other notes can be found in the release notes on the Lordz Forum:
For the full install (Pen Pack 3.6).
For the Portugal Patch.

It is fairly simple and streamlined now, or so we hope. If you need help, please feel free to give one of the Lordz a shout or ask on our forums for help.

Install Instruction Tips

-Make sure you have a clean copy of Rome Total War patched to version 1.5, ready on your computer.

-To open the downloaded file you need WinRar a compressing program like WinZip to open the download file: WinRar

-After opening you will find the install program inside.

-To start the program, just double click it. The install program will instruct you further and install NTW2 on your computer.

-Napoleonic Total War 2 cannot be used with any other modification

-Rome: Total War Gold edition and Total War: Eras already use RTW v1.5 and BI v1.6 so installation using those TW products should give no problems. Only make sure you install it into the right root directory

-NTW2 works also when you have the Alexander expansion installed

-If you install it on Rome Total War: Barbarian Invasion with the 1.6 patch, make sure you use the Rome Total War.exe file, in other words use your RTW CD or DVD, or custom battles will not work when using the Barbarian Invasion.exe file

-You can easily check if NTW2 is correctly installed by checking if you see a "napoleonic" folder in the RTW root directory you directed it to with the install program

-You can uninstall NTW2 by using the uninstall option that was be created by the install program, or manually by deleting the "napoleonic" folder from the RTW root directory you installed it in.

*Tips taken from: Thu Sep 07, 2006 8:07 am Post subject: Install process & tips for NTW2. Posted by LZoF.
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