NTW2- Miscellaneous NTW2 Questions.

Have a question about NTW1, ATW or NTW2? Or do you just have a general question about the Lordz site? Please look through these commonly asked questions first!
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NTW2- Miscellaneous NTW2 Questions.

Postby Lady Meg » Sat Nov 10, 2007 8:46 pm

Q. What is the most recent and MP campatible version of NTW2?

The current working version that will allow NTW2 players to join one another's MP games is the Peninsular Pack with the portugal Exapsnion, version number 3.8. The Lordz also recommend that users wishing to play online download the Map Pack. All of these downloads can be found here: http://lordz.thelordz.co.uk/index.php?id=37,0,0,1,0,0

Q. Why is the Map Pack in a separate install? Why not group it into the Peninsula Pack?

The NTW2 Map Pack is a very large installation with over 100 community made maps. If you take a look at the file size, it is nearly just as large as the Pen Pack. In order to keep download times low and thus keep the chanes of a download stalling or stopping halfway through the transfer, the Lordz chose to allow for two distinct downloads.

Q. How do I use formations and group units

Select more than one unit than group them together usin the "G" command. After that you are able to use the group formations to your liking. The "square" needs another approach: see below.

Q. How do I order my men to fix their bayonets?

Bayonets (used for hanf to hand fighting) are the secondary weapon of the infantry in NTW2. To order your men to be effective in melee combat, right click and press the alt button. This is the same method used in RTW.

Q. How do I form a square?

Take four units and a General & Officer unit (activate the morale bonus button!), select in the group formation form square. You can do this without the general, but this works best with no more or less then 4 infantry units.

Q. How do I install the normal smoke effect to the thicker lingering/hanging smoke effect?

The lingering smoke file is an option in the NTW2 installer. Select the box to install this into your NTW2 game. Be aware, this causes a drop in framerates and is not recommened for those with older/slower computers.


First go to your rootdirectory\napoleonic\data folder and copy/paste the descr_effects_firearms.txt to a save place as a backup!

-Now go to your rootdirectory\napoleonic\extras\smoke folder.

-Now copy the descr_effects_firearms.txt you find here, paste and overwrite the original descr_effects_firearms.txt in your rootdirectory\napoleonic\data folder.

When you use it in MP, please make sure to swing your camera around from time to time and look around you, so the hanging smoke effect will not cause big framedrops!

Q. I have downloaded the mod but cannot open it?

You need WinRar a compessing program like WinZip to open the download file. WinRar

Q. I have RomeTW Gold or Eras Edition. Does the mod not work on this?

Yes it does, but you have to make sure you select the correct installation folder. The installer will not be able to find it automatically.

To do this, know where your RTW game is installed ahead of time and direct the installer to that location via the browse menu present.

Q. Sometimes cannons will not fire?

Cannon need a straight line of sight, so no obstacles, friendly units or disturbing terrain features to close in front of them. Otherwise they will not fire.

Q. How to move units across bridges, river crossing and streets?

Make sure the unit formation width is not wider/larger then the bridge/street/crossing width/size. You generally need to switch to marching column formation when moving across bridges or through villages. You can change the width of any unit by hand, click and hold a unit than drag it into the shape or width of your liking.

Q. The game crashes when Opolchenie or National Guard are present on the battlefield, or musket sounds are not always present.

Try changing your sound system to "Miles" in the Audio options menu.

Q. When I zoom in closer into a unit I have sometimes missing musket or cannon fire sounds

Again try changing your sound system to "Miles" in the Audio options menu.

Q. Units won't listen to my orders (on the Borodino scenario)

At the start of the battle you only have control over the Chasseurs and Grenadiers near the village of Borodino.
After the attack on Borodino the attack on the Fletches begins, this phase unlocks all units (Fusiliers, Grenadiers, Voltigeurs & a 6 pounder) near the fletches. The third phase begins when the fletches are taken. The AI will redeploy most of it's units, and expects you to do the same. Control over both cavalry units, 2 additional fusiliers and your general is granted (the arrow points at them).
The last unit - a 12 pounder - is unlocked near the end (after the russian cavalry attacks), and it's purpose it to ease the destruction of the Russian Guard.

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