NTW2- Why is there no campaign for NTW2?

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NTW2- Why is there no campaign for NTW2?

Postby Lady Meg » Sat Nov 10, 2007 8:16 pm

The main reason why we do not make a campaign has to do with the RTW AI. In SP the RTW AI will always keep the infantry units in skirmish mode, so they will constantly walk away like archers. Another annoying thing is that the units will go and sit on top of eachother resulting in chaotic movement and units constantly blocking eachother.

This we cannot fix in SP campaign or custom battles, it is hardcoded, the only way we can solve this is by heavily scripting the RTW AI, basically telling the AI how to move and behave in battle. We can only script the historical battles. Another point are our custom build battle maps, they make the tactical battles so diverse, again in campaign the engine loads the RTW rather featureless maps. Sadly we cannot script the AI in campaign and replace all the campaign maps by our own custom made maps. So while the campaign would still be cool to play with or look at, any battle played in that campaign would be a bitter disappointment.

The Lordz do not want to be asociated with that kind of experience, hence the reason why our mod is only ideal for MP or scripted battles and a campaign would be a waist of time from our point of view as it will play very bad when you enter the battles in campaign.


Posted: Thu Mar 23, 2006 6:35 am Post subject: Will NTW2 have a full campaign?

No, we will NOT make a standard campaign on RTW.

The RTW AI is just not suited for NTW2.

We will not release a game that will result in such bad gameplay if we we can avoid it.

A Roman campaign just in a Napoleonic jacket is not what we have in mind. It will add nothing to the gameplay.

he RTW AI is not created for Napoleonic warfare. We get nice results with heavily scripted battles, but if we made a campaign it would be just like in RTW but with a Napoleonic sauce poored over it, slash and dash and sieges.

The battles would be terrible as we cannot script the AI in campaign. It would have nothing to do with Napoleonic warfare, just eyecandy, sorry but that is not what we would be satisfied with.

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