NTW1- How does the install process work for NTW1?

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NTW1- How does the install process work for NTW1?

Postby Lady Meg » Sat Nov 10, 2007 7:58 pm

Install process for Napoleanic Total War version 7 for Medieval Total War: Viking Invasion.
NB- You must have Viking Invasion to play NTW1.

1. Install Medieval Total War.
2. Install Viking Invasion Expansion pack.
3. Install Offical Viking Invasion patch - version 2.01. (see link below)
4. Install Napoleonic Total War Version v7 full installation.
5) Optional. Install Dead Bodies patch (Patch v7).
6) Optional. Install Music Pack.

Version 7 can be found here in our downloads section:

Viking Invasion 2.01 patch from the Creative Assembly Total War official site:
http://download.activision.com/activisi ... 1Patch.exe

*If you are new to NTW then all you must do is download the version 7 file; no other installs (v5, v503 addon, FOB, or FOB patch) are needed. The other installs are older versions.

*To upgrade your install from a previous version, install version 7 as well.

*Once the version 7 install is complete you may then install the music pack as well, but you do not need this to play NTW1, it is optional. This is also found on our download site linked above.

*The dead bodies that do not show up are still an issue. The Patch for version 7 does try to return some of these missing men to the field, but it does not work in all the campaigns.

Step by step install of NTW1 for Gold Edition Users.
To play NTW1 with the gold edition follow these instructions:
1. - Install MTW-VI gold edition.
2. - Install the gold patch. See the link below with instructions
3. - Copy all of the files from "The Creative Assembly" into another folder. This is where you will install NTW1, so make sure that you name it something you can differentiate from your MTW install, like Napoleonic Total War.
4. - Install in this new folder NTW1 version 6.
5. - Copy the Medieval_TW. exe file original in the folder where you installed NTW. Click on it.

You need the original DVD or disk#1 (if you have the 3 CD version). You don't need to install the VI patch.

Gold Edition Users Patch
Gold users must update their Gold Edition to 2.01, to do this you need to download a different file from the one above. :D
Here it is from the Total War site: http://downloads.sega-europe.com/patch/ ... val_TW.exe

Instructions From the Total War Site on how to install the Gold patch:

    The exe file that comes with the Sega Medieval Gold edition is version 2.0. This patch will update it to version 2.01. This isn't necessary for those of you who have purchased the Eras pack as this already comes patched to 2.01.

    The installation of this file must be done manually as follows.
    Download the file and replace your current executable with this one. It's probably best if you retain a backup of your old one. By default, the destination folder Medieval Gold installs to is "C:Program FilesThe Creative AssemblyMedieval - Total War - Gold Edition".

Follow those instructions and then, procced to download NTWv6 from the Lordz site and install.
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