NTW1- Can cavalry dismount in NTW1?

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NTW1- Can cavalry dismount in NTW1?

Postby Lady Meg » Sat Nov 10, 2007 7:49 pm

We looked at this issue, yes for sure it can be done, but we felt that there was little scope in the scale of NTW to use this historicly.

Posted by Lord of Moray
Tue May 25, 2004

The is one unit that does shoot from horseback and that is the general unit. These men are armed with pistols for self defence since they are not a standard combat unit but serve as moral boasters and battlefield conductors.

Some units (those that were armed with carbines etc like dragoons and chasseurs a cheval) are able to dismount BEFORE battle in campaign play. They usually become the factions light infantry type when doing so. This can be useful if you are heavy on cav and light on inf in a battle.
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