NTW1- Can I play MTW and NTW1 on the same installation?

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NTW1- Can I play MTW and NTW1 on the same installation?

Postby Lady Meg » Sat Nov 10, 2007 7:42 pm

NTW is a total conversion of MTW:VI.
Meaning that you cannot play the original MTW game anymore.
That is why the advice is given to make a seperate and new install of MTW:VI v2.1 BEFORE installing NTW. (See below on how this is done.)


Because NTW is a total conversion and the old MTW games will not work anymore you can easily delete these files after installation to have a exclusive NTW game(optional):

In the campmap\startpos folder:EARLY,HIGH,LATE,VIKING and TUTORIAL Text Documents.
In the Battle\batinit:the Tutorial Map.
In the Battle\batinit\Historical Battles folder:the Battle of Bannockburn,Hastings,Stamford Bridge and Stirling Bridge Maps.
In the Battle\batinit\Historical Campaigns:the Barbarossa,England 100 year war,France 100 year war,Golden Horde,Richard and Saladin Maps.

Posted by Lord of Moray
Mon Jun 14, 2004

To make a new folder for MTW:VI to use as a backup copy so that you can play both NTW1 and the orginal game without over-writing one please follow these steps. Please keep in mind that this will take up room on your pc, you are basically reinstalling an entire game- that takes alot of space.

1) Create a new folder where ever you would like the backup MTW copy to be stored.

2) Right click on the MTW:VI shortcut and select Properties from the menu.

3) Select Find Target.

4) You will be in the MTW files now. Here is is an example of where you should be: C:\Program Files\Total War\Medieval - Total War

5) Copy all of the MTW:VI files from this folder into your newly made folder.

6) Once this process is complete, you will have two copies of MTW:VI. One for the orginal and one to install NTW1 over.
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