NTW1- How do the various NTW1 campaigns differ?

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NTW1- How do the various NTW1 campaigns differ?

Postby Lady Meg » Sat Nov 10, 2007 7:30 pm

Campaign I is the original "historical" (at least somewhat) campaign. You start with some money (not a lot) and some basic troops, and you need to build up your empire to get access to better troops and more money etc.

Campaign II is based on campaign I but starts with a lot of money and a lot of troops, so it's geared more towards instant warfare and instant big battles rather than the slower empire building of campaign 1.

Campaign III was created to give empire builders a bit more of a (totally ahistorical) challenge. The campaign starts in 1700 instead of 1750, the income from the various sources is severly reduced, you start with lower level technologies and troops (than in campaign I), and it takes more time to build the technology/buildings needed for higher end troops. Also the rebel provinces have much larger armies making them harder to conquer early. A new faction - The German States - is also introduced. Especially the smaller factions face a bit of a challenge balancing army, economy and empire building in this campaign.

Campaign IV is basically a blend between I and III, using starting armies, technology and regions from I and the new economy, tech tree and the German States from III

Fields of Battle is only intended for multiplayer games (or custom battles). The main feature is that all unit costs is balanced vs the unit stats making army selection with equal money "fair" in MP games.

Eastern Alliance is also only intended for MP or custom battles and was originally created by Lord Ashram for an MP campaign he created. The unit costs have been rebalanced in v7 to be "fair" like in FoB.

I would suggest you start with campaign I, and if you are interested in empire building go on to campaign III or if you want instant action play campaign II.

I hope this helps a bit.

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