Steam RTW Gold with NTW2

This section is for all related with our mod: NTW2.
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Steam RTW Gold with NTW2

Postby LaMarseillaise » Thu Dec 24, 2009 9:10 pm

This thread includes information on making Napoleonic: Total War 2 compatible with the Steam version of Rome: Total War. If this is a duplicate thread, then please delete it. The following changes must be made:

Atomic Hamster wrote:Right click your Rome Total War Gold in Steam itself and select properties and under the General tab click 'Set Launch Options' and enter this line in there -show_err -nm -enable_editor -mod:napoleonic

If you want to play normal RTW you have to take this line out.

Yoshiro wrote:Or you can right click on rome in steam, add a shortcut to desktop, and add the launch options to that.

This information was taken from the Steam forum.


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