1.0 Patch Tested!

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1.0 Patch Tested!

Postby Imperial » Mon Jun 02, 2008 5:51 pm

Liberalis and I tested the new 1.0 patch, and we were both startled by the new changes. Lib took Russia, and I took France...

It seems that the infantry units are more efficient at shooting from their maximum range (we have noticed this especially with the lights). The cavalry stats seemed to be the same. However, the cost of GAC's went up to 900 Florins. Everything else seemed to be fine (at least for the Russians and the French).

Get ready for this...

Lib and I were both shocked and distressed by the performance of the Russian Life guards. In separate charges, a single Lifeguard unit was able to easily defeat and route 1 French old guard, 1 grenadier, and 2 fusiliers. A French Young Guard finally managed to route the lifeguards, but it was 60 or so Lifeguards vs. a full YG unit. The final charge of the YG and Lifeguards was a very close one...

Lib and I are both satisfied with most of the changes. Hopefully, the Lifeguard incident was a fluke. If it recurs, then we may have a serious problem. I can already forsee the mass use of unstoppable Russian heavy infantry charge. Anyway... thank you for the patch!!! :D

Here's a replay:

http://files.filefront.com/PatchTesting ... einfo.html

You should probably try it yourself, though :D

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Postby Lady Meg » Mon Jun 02, 2008 8:33 pm

Welcome to the forums :).

Oddily enough, everything stat-wise that you mentioned here did not change.

As I said in the Announcement thread, there were 2 price changes, 2 Lod issues resolved and a mistaken attribute removed. That is all.

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