Badgers Campaign (Extremely Amazing Concept)

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Badgers Campaign (Extremely Amazing Concept)

Postby MarcusAurelius » Thu Nov 15, 2007 8:01 pm

This is an amazing campaign set out that involves a grid map system! The campaign is awesome and has already been played all the way through and proven to be extraordinarily fun. KO clan is already in the next campaign.

Here is a link to the site and description:

This is a post by Badger on the Lordz Forums.

"Hi all,

I would like to contribute to the current NTW2 Campaign hype with a little site developed to allow ppl to play grand-tactical sized NTW2 campaigns.
The campaign site creates a rather basic campaign system, but with minimum administrator workload.
Currently, the site is coming along nicely & the first tests are being played.

The site can be viewed at

The Rules section describes how the system works. For now, 1 testing campaign is available, but in time several historical & fictional campaigns will be added.

You can apply for beta testing, but in the current stage, a few bugs & errors are bound to show up.

We're also still looking for some help with the site design (graphics & visuals that is) & some Napoleonic art to make the campaign visually more appealing. So anyone that has some graphics skills & would like to participate, feel free to contact me.

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Postby MarcusAurelius » Thu Nov 15, 2007 8:03 pm

Here is a list of the rules from the site

After logging in to the campaign, you are taken to the HeadQuarters, the heart of the online campaign. The Headquarters consists of a Campaign map, a Command overview detailing all Units under your command & a list of possible orders & views

The Map
The Map shows an overview of the entire campaign area & is zoomable & scrollable. Each of your commands is represented on this map. A Command is basically a movement entity that contains up to 19 NTW2 units, the twentieth unit is always a General. Also, enemy commands are also shown, if they are visible to at least one of your commands. Each command has a viewing range of 1 campaign field, while Scouting commands can see up to 3 fields. Depending on the light cavalry ratio between yours & the enemy command, you will get a more detailed scouting report. Each field can contain up to 2 commands from the same side.

The Command Roster
The Command Roster gives an overview of all commands under your control. Command name, current orders, remaining movement points, supply status, General's name, current Field & terrain type the command is on. If a command has a scouting order, it will also show which battle map it is on. This map is used if a battle is fought on that field.

Different orders are possible. These will allow you to manage your commands, give them orders, create an overview of all units in your army & end your turn.

The following will give an overview of all possible orders. Note that some orders will not always be available.

Create Command
This order will create a new command in the HQ Field. Each side has 1 HQ field, where all new commands enter the campaign map. When you issue this order, you will be asked to name the Command (eg, Light Division, 5i?me de Ligne etc) & select a commanding officer. The Command is then commissioned & shown in het HQ field on the map. As each field can only contain 2 Commands, only 2 commands can be created each turn. Note that commands will need units to be assigned to them to be able to move & won't be able to move till the next turn, when they will be assigned movement points accoriding to the units that are assigned to them. Commands get movement points each turn, depending on their type. Commands can be Light Cavalry (6 points), Heavy Cavalry (5 points), Regular ie Infantry only (4 points) or Combined Arms (Infantry & Artillery) (4 points as well).

Recruit Unit
If there are commands in the HQ field and you have money in your treasury, new units can be bought for these commands throught his order. You will be asked to select the command you will be buying the unit for & will have to state a unit name (if desired, you can leave this blank), unit type (from the list of units available to your faction) & state a commissioned strength. This strength will be the initial strength of your unit. In battle, units will lose men. By issuing a holding order to a command (see below), units will slowly recover their strength till 80% of the commissioned strength, representing returning stragglers & wounded. Commissioned strength is capped at 200 soldiers for NTW2 performance & playability.

Write Order
This allows to (guess what) give orders to your commands. Only commands with movement points will be allowed to be given an order:

Hold: The command remains stationary, but regains 5% of losses each turn, up to 80% of the commissioned strength of a unit
Scout: The command moves at double movement cost but gets a 3 field viewing range. Scouting commands also get to know which NTW2 battle map they are on.
March: The command moves at regular movement cost
Forced March: The command moves at half movement cost, but loses 10% unit strength for each unit in the command.
Forage: The command remains stationary & scans the field for florins & supply points. Fields can only be foraged from every 5 turns
Reorganize: The command can either split off a new command (if it is the only command in a field), or transfer units to another command that is in the same field.
Order of Battle
This order shows an overview of all your commands, the units that are in it & their trooptypes, commisioned strengths, current strength & experience

End Turn
The turn is ended
If other players have not yet ended their turn, a message shows to tell exactly this.
If all players have ended their turn, battles are checked, battlescripts are created & shown for download in the Headquarters page & the game is halted until battles are resolved (for the moment this is still an admins job, after he receives the battle results from the players). If there are no battles or all have been resolved, the end of turn is resolved, Movement points are allocated & supply is consumed & deducted from the train (7% each day, each command starts with a full train, so 2 weeks supply). Units in cities at end of turn restock to 100%

When a command enters a field that is occupied by an enemy command, both engage in battle & can not move anymore during the current turn. The side that occupied the field first becomes the defender, the other side is considered to be attacking. Even if a command from the defending side is moved in, sides remain the same.

When both players have ended their turn, a battle script is generated for each field that contains commands from both sides. The defender gets to defend the central part of a 4vs4 battlefield, attackers arrive from their respective sides from which they entered the battle (north, south,west,east).
It is the decisions you make when you have no time to make them that define who you are- Teh_masterer

A mans worth is no greater then his ambitions-Marcus Aurelius

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Postby Lord Liberalis » Thu Nov 15, 2007 8:59 pm

Very nice, short, well explained, nice browsable map.
Didn't read everything yet, but my first impression is rather a good one. :wink:
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Postby Stig » Thu Nov 15, 2007 10:06 pm

Like the idea yes

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Postby Horton III » Fri Nov 16, 2007 8:12 pm

We're playing it right now at [N] and it's going very well. Recruitment, movement, movement points, etc, all very well done and computer generated/monitored so there is no way to mess up the actual campaign.
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Postby Lord Badger » Tue Nov 20, 2007 9:28 pm

Thanks for the add & kind words Marcus :)

Here are some reports of the latest battle in the campaign, mainly bulletins of commanding oficers in the campaign, as well as the link to the replay

@Lib, sent you a mail on the campaign, did you get it?

Dear Officers of the Royal Court in Stockholm,

Things have been going well (for the French) here in Northern Portugal. The French have captured a small village named "Almieda" It is a small town, not worth much to the average outsider, but to these power hungry armies, it has ment the world to them and it seemingly mattered less to the British as they have lost it. (Although the French payed for it with blood and iron.)

I look upon this struggle on the Iberian Peninsula not as a Frenchmen fighting for "Liberte, Fraternete, etc" but as an outsider peering in to a much larger conflict. As I sit here bored, not doing a thing I ponder to myself....why are these two nations fighting over such a insignificant piece of land? And so far away from their homelands? The French say that they are fighting for the freedom of others; but it seeming less and less than a fight for freedom than just yet another struggle for European domination. Britian, on the other hand, says that they are fighting to free the people's of Europe from the French yoke of conquest, when we all know that Britian wants just as much influence and land just as much as the French do.

These small nations are so over looked in the struggle. Nations have fallen under the boot-heels of these Imperial, land hungry bastards. (British and French alike) Holland, Belguim, Spain, Portugal, Italy, India, etc. And for what? So the French and British aristocracy can have their lavish parties hosting the well to do crowd every Friday? That is not fighting for freedom my friends.

I can't help but wonder what would happen to our fair nation of Sweden if it was contested between two massive nations. We would be just as neglected as the Portuguese have been here (by both sides.) while at the same time both sides contest that they fight for our freedom. Sweden would fight to the death, but I'm afraid that it could not uphold itself if contested by two massive powers that'd be, say, Russia and France or Britian.

Some of you may ask..."Why are you fighting for them, then?" "Are you not simply making the situation worse by fighting for the French?" My answer to those questions, again, I am not here fighting as a French soldier for "Liberte, etc", I'm simply here as an on-looker. I am here to learn to fight so that Sweden will not have to suffer the fate as so many countless nations have to under the Imperial yokes of others.

I write to you all hoping for your lives to be full of merryment and security. Look after my darling Whitney in Uppsala for me.

Med store h?lsningarna av ditt Kommand?r,

General Jakob

To the Paperatzi: (Yes even in 1800's)

Official Press Release:

The French Imposter and his Lackeys have recently made a press release quoting: Egalite, Fraternite, Liberte.

Well may I remind all readers:

The British were invited by the Beloved Portugese Royal Family, to protect their Nation from the murder, tyranny, looting, rape, and pillage caused by the French "Imperial" mob in the Kingdom of Spain.

Indeed only a great storm which 'froze' the battle saved the whole of the French Army from total destruction , as surely both divisions of the III Corps, would have been annihalated.

Our strategic advance to Pinhel was planned and carried out with honour and courage, in order to oppose the rabble at a time and place of our own choosing.

We will return to save the Portugese nation and to liberate the Spanish people and restore their rightful Spanish "God appointed" Monarch.

The French "Coques" may be standing on their standards in Almeida today, but they will soon be over the roasting pits.

Liberte, only for the Frenchmen in your enslaved countries.
Egalite, for the French and no one else
Fraternite, while they they rape and pillage your homes and familly.

Such are the lies of the French rabble.

British Penninsular Army Press Liaison Officer:

Lord J.O. Kerr of Totallie - JOK, STR, AP

Imperial Bulletin: Imperial HQ

VIVE L' EMPEREUR, The British run like those foxes they so like to hunt, but at the sight of the Eagle their was no hunt.

The Emperor's spies have obtained the lies the British have spread about our victory at Almeida. Through their official press release they spread much untruths to cover their shame.

Soldiers and citizens of France the III Corps is in fine shape after such a important battle .Even our beloved Emperor was surprised by our 'minimal' losses. The lies they tell of the brave General Friant - his division was lightly engaged while General Lasalle decimated 1 half of the British army. So much so that the British troops couldn't even move so mesmerised were they of our Cavalry, as they rode over them. The III Corps is now nicely rested with the aid of the local women and wine which the British were so kind to left behind in their haste.

Only a great storm which 'froze' the battle saved the other half the British Army from total destruction , as surely they would have been by both divisions of the III Corps, But alas they escaped over the river and out of Almeida. They say they will be back but why leave if only to return?. Why not stay? .........Why because they flee never to return.

'Needless to say the whole population turned out in red white and blue to wave us out, and symbolise defiance to the dastardly French.'.

This is what the British say about the population of Almeida, me thinks the British were confused out of fear, because so close were our sabres in their backs. 'red white and blue'. Are these not the colours of our beloved tricolour? The people of Almeida were showing their true colours,,our colours, to free them from Perfidious Albion. They wish no more of the British yoke, they seek Libert?, ?galit?, fraternit?.

Louis Alexandre Berthier - Chief of Staff to Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte.

To the Paparatzi:

Official British press release:

We have the honour to report that according to plan, the British Army has successfully, bravely and courageously, conducted a strategic advance towards Pinhel, whilst, simultaneously evacuating all wine, and other essential equipment.

The Army reported having severely bloodied the armies of the cowardly French, who managed to crawl into Almeida, quoting from general Friant "We were severly mauled!!".

Casualties, to the British forces were moderate to light.

The civil population of Almeida, were weeping as we waved them adieu, and promised: :"We will be back!!!"

Needless to say the whole population turned out in red white and blue to wave us out, and symbolise defiance to the dastardly French.

[N] Marshal
former |LeJuntaIrregulars|
former |LGA - 1st| Majorl

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Postby Daelon » Mon Jan 19, 2009 9:38 pm

I sent an email for my credentials yesterday morning, and I haven't gotten an email back. How long does it usually take?
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Postby ChinaNorgo » Thu Mar 31, 2022 3:33 pm

Id like to introduce the concept of trait before I introduce the 6 1 traits for writing. Does anyone have a good trade book to go along with a mini lesson on the word trait?

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