How can I play an MP game?

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How can I play an MP game?

Postby Lord Zimoa of Flanders » Fri Sep 08, 2006 5:19 pm


For those who are interested in playing the mod in Multi-player, here follows some information to get you prepared. We also advice you to read the Gameplay & Tactics review before entering the fields of MP battle, so you have a better idea of what to do and expect. We certainly hope a lot of you will give this a try, if only out of respect for the immense amount of work we put in this mod. And hey, you might even like it :wink: The NTW community is generally polite and mature, so you don't have to fear much rude behaviour.

Setting up Firewall/Router

If you have never played RTW on-line before, and you have a router or firewall, you must make sure it is properly set up. It is very annoying when a game goes out of sync because of someone's router or firewall. If this does occur and/or you need some technical assistance feel free to make a post on the Lordz forum.

You can find information about what ports to open/forward in this topic.

You do not need GameSpy to play online. You can use it but it is not obligatory.

Getting online

Start the game hit the multiplayer button and after that hit the online button, fill in your online name you want to use and fill in the CD key. Now you will come in the MP lobby.

We advise strongly to use the competetive room only as it is more stable than the other rooms.

Some more advise how to increase stability when playing online and we do advise these strongly are here: Increase MP stability

CD key

You can find your CD key on the back of your RTW manual. If you haven't played MP before, go to the Multiplayer menu, then click "Change
CD key" and enter your key. This is case sensitive and you must press enter after inserting your key.

Hosting MP Games

The game is designed to be played on Large unit size, 10k florins, and no additional rules. Of course you do not HAVE to stick to this, but we strongly advice it. If you want to play 3v3 or 4v4 you should limit the amount of florins to 5k or 3k to prevent lag, rather then decrease the unit size. The latter will cause units like artillery to become imbalanced.

Some maps can not be played with more then 4 or 6 players. In the map selection screen there is a small information box that mentions the maximum amount of players for the selected map. Even though these maps are exceptions, you should pay attention to it.

Team I is replaced by "Attacker", team II is "Defender". If you are attacker, you do not have the right to camp (sit still) on the map, while the defender does. However, if the defender has chosen a bad position, and the attacker can deal serious damage with long range artillery fire, it is his right to do so, and he does not have to send additional units to attack until his artillery has ran out of ammo.
You can still play with more then 2 teams, but this may cause weird deployment zones on the maps (or even crash the game) and will certainly lead to imbalanced gameplay.

Command Games

In NTW1, "Command Games" have become quite popular. It means each player of a team takes control of one part of the army (cavalry, infantry, guard & artillery) and elects a general. This general decides about the overall strategy and plan, the rest is supposed to listen to him. A bit like the Time Commanders series, but with actual control over the units. Even if your general or allies are useless, this generally leads to epic battles :)


When the battle starts you must disable all infantry units' skirmish mode manually. If you don't do this you will certainly get in trouble when you try to charge or fire a close range volley, or when an enemy unit gets close to your units.

If you let the NTW2 installer enable Quick Chat, you can use Y to chat to all players and T to talk to your teammates. These hot-keys can be changed in the hot-keys menu. If you did not enable Quickchat you must use Y to open the chat menu, and then use the numeric keys to define who you want to talk to.

You cannot chat while others are still loading the game, or when there are connection problems. This is annoying and confusing, but we'll have to live with that. Pop ups or hitting the windows key can throw you back to windows and this will cause a "connection problem" for the other players. When you re-enter the game the map will be reloaded and this can take a while. So when facing a connection problem players should wait at least 1 or 2 minutes before kicking the player or terminating the game.

You cannot change your video setting when in a MP game, so we suggest using very low setting during your first games. If you still get a good frame rate in 3v3 games you can increase the detail. Or just test out what your PC can handle by running a 3v3 custom battle (against AI).

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