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Are there any plans into making a Dutch faction?

For example:
There was a Dutch Republic ( aka, United Provinces- ) at "1581 and ended at around 1795". The Dutch had there "Golden Ages" during the 18th Century, all went very well and they had one of the best navy on the world.

After that you had the Batavian Republic ( ) that was there around "1795 - 1806",

And after that you had Kingdom of Holland ( ) "1806 - 1810" which was a puppet kingdom of Napoleon Bonaparte, who put in a lot of stuff that was quite useful (Surnames for example).

Just some history to throw out.

EDIT: I'm extremely sorry, but on the main page/factions it didn't say United Netherlands, but now I looked in game and it does have it!!!! I am so happy!! Thank you very much for that :D. You now have another +1 guy that would play United Netherlands multiplayer ;).

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