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Postby rsslcs » Wed Jun 04, 2008 8:54 pm

i have just bought MTW and when I start a campaign with any country, and at any era, the campaign loads, then immediately shows the ingame menu. If I do anything to change a setting, it crashes to desktop with a microsoft error report send thingy. All the other bits of the game work fine, though
The bottom quarterof the screen is blocked and the cursor leavesa trail of itself as if the screen wasnt refreshing
cant post an image of it coz im not allowed by the forum

grafix: intel 82845G graphics controller, 64 mb no AA, so no AA fix

old drivers installed a requested, but still nothing works

Please help!!!![/img]

EDIT: ive fixed the screen problem and the "crash when I do anything" bug by changing the resolution, but I still cant play the campaign

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