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NTW3 3.0 - Release Notes & Download Links

Postby Lord Fullin » Sun Mar 31, 2013 7:11 pm



Dear fans and members of the community,

After 3 years of non-stop development, we're proud to announce the 3rd version of our epic NTW3 mod !
This time we have even surpassed our last version, not only in quality, but also in size.

NTW3 ver 3.0 is now featuring:

-535 Units
-135 Maps
-19 Historical Battles
-1 New MP Sub-Mod: "Wars in the Americas"

And a ton of new stuff. Here's an extract of what we've achieved so far with this last version.

NTW3 Multiplayer

Battle Dynamics and Mechanics

The scaling of the game has been carefully reconsidered.
Previously we used a figure scale of 1:6 (1:2 for cannon), a ground scale of 1:3 & a very arbitrary time scale.
In V3 the figure & distance scales are mostly unchanged, but time has been fixed at x3.
This fits in with the ground scale (3:1) so will produce realistic looking movement.
With these fixed we Have been able to more accurately portray movement & fire rates.

Infantry now march at the rate of ‘quickstep’ & run at ‘double-time’.
Cavalry walk at a trot, run at a canter & charge at a gallop, all based on actual horse speeds.

With firing we had to compromise. Infantry firing at 2 rounds per minute scaled at x3 (I shot per 10 seconds) would look silly. So they fire at ½ their actual speed (20 seconds to scale) but at 2x the effectiveness.
Artillery also fires at ½ its real rate, but as guns are over scaled by a factor of 2 (1:3) this evens out.

If we have set realistic fire rate & movement speeds we should achieve realistic results, providing the fire effect & morale is right.

Generally more fragile, with greater effects for losses, fatigue & being under fire.
The boosting powers of the general are slightly reduced

Effects made stronger. Units will spend more time in the active/winded/tired ‘zone’ than V2, before getting to the now harsher very tired & exhausted levels.

Fog of War
This has been made more restrictive, mostly only for seeing units in the open.

Infantry units now range in size from 113 to 153 (112 to 183 in V2), with most militia at 183 (203 in V2).
Their fire rate is greater, but less effective especially at long range. They are now restricted to only firing in 2 ranks, generally (V3 fire 3 ranks).
The new realistic movement is generally slower by about 20%. This is compensated by the revised maps, which all feature enhanced road networks where a unit can move at 2x or more speed. The combined deployment areas & attack/defend maps will also help to get combat started sooner.

Skirmishers have been made more effective vs guns, they have lost the ability to volley fire & cannot form up in close order, so shouldn’t be as deadly, or useful, in line battles.

These have been divided into 5 broad groups. Their sizes & capabilities altered to encourage their use in the historical manner. Cavalry also move more slowly, particularly the heavies.

  • Scout units.
    These are the equivalent of a single squadron (about 25 troops in–game) rated as light cavalry.
  • Light cavalry.
    These are the equivalent of 2 squadrons (about 50 troopers in-game) they are useful for harassment, flank attacks & running down routers. They will have problems attacking formed units & batteries frontally, as one good volley/blast will send them packing.
    There are a few large light cavalry units, mostly with the Ottomans.
  • Medium Cavalry.
    These are the ‘workhorses’ of the battlefield. They are the equivalent of a full regiment (about 100 troopers in-game) They are good value for money, being fairly mobile but still packing the punch & morale to take on infantry in a frontal charge.
    Most of these units are Dragoons, with a few Chevalegers included.
  • Heavy Cavalry.
    Expensive but deadly. They are the equivalent of a full regiment (about 100 troopers in-game). Best saved to make a decisive charge they move slowly but have the melee power & morale to crush unready infantry. Most of these units are Cuirassiers, heavy cavalry & Guard Cavalry.
    There are some smaller heavy cavalry units, these are all units of minor nations that were historically only squadron (or 2) sized. Most are their nations Guard cavalry units.
  • Cavalry reserve.
    These are the equivalent of a brigade (about 200 troopers in-game) They should be used like heavy cavalry, only more-so. Only some major powers have access to them. They are always Cuirassiers.

The scaling of the artillery has been changed from 1:2 to 1:3. This means that batteries are now sized between 2 & 4 guns (3 to 6 in V2).
Fire rates have been tied to the new, consistent time scale & are quicker than previously.
The range of all guns has been decreased & their long range accuracy reduced.
Players will find them deadlier than before closer in (1/2 to 2/3 range) & canister has had a boost with faster fire rates & slightly deadlier effect.
The morale effect of artillery fire is also higher.

Quite a bit of work has been done on their movement & limbering speeds.
Horse guns will now get into action quicker than foot, as well as being more mobile.
Their movement speeds have been scaled with the rest of the army.
Pivot in particular has been slowed.

Guns are much more vulnerable to infantry now & should suffer significant losses when operating in the firing line with infantry.

Units, Textures & Models
The uniforms have all been redone by Lord Fullin. They will now look even more realistic with low graphic settings.
Memory overhead has also been reduced, so the game should work better and lag less.

Spoiler: show

Same screen resolution

Austria has been changed to have their right 1809 leather helmet for the Germans

Austrian Artillerymen with their greatcoat uniforms

Officers in the Austrian army now wears theirs traditional half length grey coat

Prussia has been given a more realistic look for their campaign style uniforms


Rolled blanket corrected.

Proper colours for jackets and pants.


The Spanish have been restored to their 1811 uniforms (Hurrah!) & some new units added. Including some capable of guerilla deployment (i.e. they can be positioned in no-mans-land before the battle starts).




France has been reset to their 1812 standard. And the 8 uniform discrepancies corrected.

Russia as well has been standardized as well to their 1812 uniforms, no Shakos!

New Cossack Units



New Bavarian helmets, New Württemberg Helmets and more than two dozen new units!


French Cuirassiers with proper helmet and chinstrap

Dutch cavalry Shakos

Hanoverian Line and Militia for Britain


There are quite a few new units mostly to round out the existing rosters, here are some of them.

Baden Line Veteran

Baden Line

Austrian Scovoud Grenadiers

Vienna Volunteer Jagers

1st Baden Dragoons

Bavarian Grenadiers

Bavarian Veterans

Hanoverian Line

Polish 4th Regiment

Young Guard Voltigeurs

Russian Jaegers

Spanish 1811 Dragoons

Spanish Lancers

Irish Fusiliers

Legion Catalana


Dutch Colonial Infantry

New & revised maps
Lord Fullin has also reworked all his maps (I think there must be 2 of him). They have all had an effective road network added & more varied terrain, with greater movement effects.
The deployment areas are now combined for all players on each side, so there is much more freedom with the initial deployment.

NTW3 Multiplayer Maps have 4 different categories:

  • Classic
    As vanilla , fight to the death kinda game, no time limit
  • LoC (Line of Communications)
    this maps encourage players to defend and attack determined positions, as well as to guard you LoC from the enemy. All positions are represented by a building and their value points shown on the mini map. This are to be played with a 60 minutes timer
  • Attack - Defend
    there is a specified attacker and defender , where the defender holds key positions and the attacker try to take them before time expires. 60 minutes games are suggested for 4v4, shorter may be enough for smaller games.
  • Historical maps
    These have been made for our Historical Battles , but are fully usable in MP. If you want the ultimate in accurate terrain & your PC(s) have the horsepower, use these masterpieces.

All the V3 multi-player maps (110 of them) have been reworked :
All the maps named after a country have been reworked following a prime guideline:
what you see is what you get.
Now forest are variable in density and sighting.
Mud is a major component now as well as ploughed fields and broken terrain.
Roads and roads networks had been added as to facilitate and mobilize troops on the battlefield.
Taking crossroads and deploying along roads , facilitates drastically the manoeuvring on the field now.

Single Deployment Zones
Now nearly all country maps have a single deployment zone
The single deployment zone allows teams to interchange and occupy all sides of the map, making possible to swap positions, concentrate attacks and deploy by unit types , as well as be able to teams to build armies by arms now 1 player can bring all the cavalry , others the infantry and others the artillery and reserves.

The single deployment zones and the terrain features , changes completely the way NTW3 is played.

We recommend playing with the LOC or attack/defend system.
Set a time limit & the side that controls the most points worth victory locations when time runs out is the winner. The VPs are all houses, so it will be obvious who controls them. We find this the best way to play the game as it removes ‘camping’ & ensures the battle will have an end.

Wars in the Americas (WitA)

A stand-alone mod, allowing players to refight the War of 1812 (United States vs Britain & Canada) & the various wars on liberation that occurred throughout South America at this time.

This is a very different game to NTW3 Multiplayer.
With WITA game and ground scale come together on a more personal level, the figure, time & ground scale are all set to 1:1.
So your units are 1-2 infantry companies (about 120 men) , single squadron or less (80 troopers) or one gun strength.
Doing this allows morale and fatigue to be set to less abstract levels.

Musketry can reach out to 200 (300 for Kentucky rifles). Morale will be much more fragile with units breaking & falling back under fire, but quickly rallying to advance again. It will be important to keep your companies together, so they can receive the morale boosting effect of the ‘colour company’.
A single gun in the right place is very deadly in WITA. You can have a 6lb gun shooting canister of 32 balls out to 400 yards.
Cavalry weight is different at this scale as well. A horse could run down a man so this needs to be represented. A balance has to be met as well so weights are not fully realistic or men will fly all over.

WITA includes five new factions:
-United States
-Colonial Spain

WITA will also include new maps of historical battlefields & will also be playable on most of the other NTW3 maps.

Lord Bill has worked hard to create a more tactical battle (with some help from the rest of us), but this is still in the Beta stage so will need some balancing in our planned future patch.

Historical Battles

To some the most important part of the mod.
All of the V2 battles have been revised & improved.
These, as before, feature the ultimate in NTW3 realism with precisely scaled OOBs & vast numbers of units to command, up to 80 per player !
Lord Desaix has acquired an army of acolytes & they have fashioned new battles:


Single player campaign

This has been delayed, partially because of unforeseen family matters side-lining the relevant Lord.
We are now planning to include it with the scheduled patch, in May
When It arrives we will finally we have a campaign we can be proud of. Lord Sean Capone & Lord Davn have created a unique experience based on the 1805 campaign. This is also at the Beta stage & will be improved after mass player feedback.

To wet your appetite:

The NTW3 Single Player Campaign BETA mod is based on the Campaign of the coalitions which began in August of 1805. It has the well played NTW3 battle mechanics along with the long sought after custom battle maps.
Other improvements include:

-Twenty Three nations that can be played including 6 major & 17 minor factions.

-Commodore Wesley's Naval mod which includes realistic sailing traits.

-Revised Campaign AI (CAI) based on Hedge Knight's v1.05 UAI mod.

-Improved Battle AI (BAI) that will challenge players skills on the battlefield

-Land battles are played out on the Lordz custom made battle maps

-Movement rates are set to reflect actual marching abilities of the different factions

-Unit build limits that represent the manpower restrictions faced by the major & minor nations

-Units that were historically created at later dates (Black Brunswickers) are recruit able later in the campaign

-A progressive recruitment system has been incorporated into the barrack buildings;

1.) Cantonment : recruits militia & conscript units, Major factions can recruit scout cavalry units.

2.) Barracks : recruitment of your factions basic land units; line & light infantry, skirmishers, Lt. Cavalry (Hussars, Lancers, Uhlans, etc.)

3.) Drill School : allows recruitment of all the above units and starts to add your factions Veteran & Grenadier units and more advanced Calvary units.

4.) Military Academy : this adds the Elite and Heavy Calvary units (with build limits) to
the units available in the Drill School. The French & British Academy's drop some lower end units to make room for more of their special & elite units (& make space on the recruitment bar).

5.) Staff College : this adds Guard units (with limits) in addition to the units included in the Military Academy.

~Work continues on other improvements that will be included in the final release.

~added building slots to give the player the ability to maximize each nations economy

~revised starting armies that reflect the actual order battle for 1805 armies

Naval Battles

Commodore Wesley's (no doubt soon to be Lord) realistic Naval mod has been included. This is a much enhanced version of the popular Grand Fleet mod by Sharp Originally put in to help with the single player campaign, these much more realistic Battles are available in multiplayer as well.
Some of the changes in Wesley's own words:

Due to my new (and NTWIII's) naval battles are significantly improved from vanilla's, here are my tips for naval battles:

1. In the early part of the battle, you will want to get the wind gauge, or in non-sailor talk, be as upwind of the enemy as possible.

2. If you want your ship to turn faster, it is best to shorten your sail (I don't want to go into a physics lesson here, but it is historical). Also
If you want less damage to your sails, shorten them as well.

3. It is completely impractical to sail straight up wind (in sailor lingo it is called being in irons, for good effect as turning is difficult and you will hardly move at all). If you need to go upwind, it is best to zigzag up (called tacking).

4. The cannons are not very accurate at long range, if you want to do real damage, close into musket range (and if you want 100% hits, close into pistol range!). The main disadvantage to closing however is that it is much more difficult to disengage.

5. There are two elemental tactics, the manoeuvring methods (best employed when having smaller numbers or smaller ships) or the good old Nelson tactic, "Never mind manoeuvres, go at 'em!" (this one is best when you want to be aggressive and close in distance).

6. Remember that the turning arks are quite large and take up a lot of distance, your ship will not turn on a dime, so be careful!

7. In large ship of the line battles, (medium and large funds most likely) you will want your whole line fighting at the same time and not do the brush and pass method (reminds me a lot like jousting by the way) that many people tend to do. Line up with your enemy outside of range then close the distance. Fighting like this helps your vanguard ships (leading ships) from being destroyed.

8. You must find your best method, the larger ships will give a nice punch, but they will be overwhelmed by numbers. The 74 gun ship of the line has the best mix, but one on one will lose to a first or second rate. It is best to have a mixture of the heavy ships or the line and the lighter ships of the line and use them properly.

9. The lighter ships (frigates, brigs and sloops) are not effective in ship of the line battles, but in small funds (where at most the other person can only bring two or three ships of the line) they are much more dangerous. They can gain advantageous positions much quicker than ships of the line. The best solution is to have frigates of your own to gain the best position and prevent your opponent from capturing it.

10. Do not forget chain-shot. Even though a stray and lucky round-shot can take out a mast, the chain-shot is more effective at this. A ship that cannot move does not a very strong tactical purpose, and can be isolated and crushed quickly.

11. Boarding is a good way to capture ships, but it can take some time to board the enemy ship and can also expose the attacking ship as well.

12. Keeping your formation is your main and best objective to win in fleet battles. Naval battles require good organization (do not trust the auto fleet formations!). The commander who has the best control of the situation will win.

I also have to give thanks to Sharp's Grand Fleet mod, which created many amazing textures and wind direcetion/speed ratios, plus a whole lot more modifications that helped make this mod a possibility. Thank you again!

I must also thank the Lordz Modding Collective for the inspiration and encouragement plus all of its members.


  • All the Lordz, and in particular the following Lordz have been involved in this version:
  • Lord Fullin (textures, units, maps, sounds)
  • Lord Desaix & Lord The Fenix (Historical Battles)
  • Lord Bloody Bill (WitA mode)
  • Lord Davn (singleplayer mode)
  • Lord Legless Lannes & Lord Nickster (2D/graphics work)
  • Lord Avon_Ulysses (statistics)
  • Lord Sean Cappone (SP; installer)
  • Lord Liberalis (texts & translations)

    Special Thanks
  • Uxbridge for the 1811 Spanish roster
  • chip_meister for the Austrian helmet
  • Chuckman for his research and units descriptions.
  • Lord Monsworth for some of his nice textures.
  • WarOfAges1776 for the US standard.
  • General Andy musket sounds
  • Grand Fleet Mod
  • Ottoman Campaign Mod
  • Diggy's Improved Artillery Sound Mod
  • UAI Mod for allowing us to use their work
  • Jutland for allowing us to use some of his models
  • Scorpionet for allowing us to use some of his models for Spain
  • Cornwallis for his Prussian pack used in the historical battles
  • JFC for allowing us to use his NTF mod
  • LtRowland for allowing us to use his BettersoundFx
  • PDGuru for allowing us to use a few of his models
  • HusserlTW for his precious aid
  • And a big thank you to all our tireless Beta Testers who relentlessly played unfinished, unbalanced, unreliable games, so we can enjoy a great mod.
  • And to all players in the community whose invaluable feedback helped us to create this Version.

Installation Instructions:

1. Uninstall all previous versions of NTW3 and/or other mods (including any previous NTW3 beta versions). You have for this an uninstaller present in your "napoleon total war" folder. The default path is:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\napoleon total war

2. Check your "data" folder, located in the above mentioned "napoleon total war" folder, for any files with the prefix "NTW3_". If you find any, delete them.

3. To install "NTW3 version 3.0", you don't need the previous "NTW3 version 1.0 or 2.0". All necessary files are included in the 3.0 version.

4. Download the 2 files needed to play NTW 3.0, "Napoleonic Total War III ver 3.0 part 1.exe" and "Napoleonic Total War III ver 3.0 part 2.exe" through the links given above.

5. When both files are downloaded, start by installing the "Part 1" called "Napoleonic Total War III ver 3.0 part 1.exe". Then install the "Part 2" called "Napoleonic Total War III ver 3.0 part 2.exe".
Have patience, if during the installation process the program is saying "Not Responding" leave it finish its task. Don't click abort.

Note: If you have problems installing on a Windows 7 64bit version, right click on the files you downloaded and run them as administrator.

Last, but not least, If you're still encountering any problems, feel free to ask us for help. We prefer spending time to help you, than you not playing our damn mod.

Download Links

https://mega.co.nz/#!SZkF1aRD!LtGizCCj9 ... Phseg3m6q0

https://mega.co.nz/#!bcdA3IqB!B4yVV2rKp ... IB34FOSQ9g




We hope you continue to enjoy NTW3 and that you'll drop by our TeamSpeak server to join us in epic battles.


Best regards,
The Lordz.
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