The Lordz ranking System

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The Lordz ranking System

Postby Lordz » Thu Jan 13, 2005 2:54 pm

As requested by the public named Lenny here's the Lordz ranking system:

1. Public Ranks (determined by post count):

    Villein (to 49th post) - one silver star
    Yeoman (from 50th post) - two silver stars
    Gentleman (from 150th post) - three silver stars
    Esquire (from 300th post) - four silver stars
    Knight (from 400th post) - five silver stars
    Baronet (from 500th post) - six silver stars

    Serf (no stars) - Punishment rank for forum misbehaviour
2. Special Ranks:

    Warden (three golden stars) - a special rank for people who help out in the Forum or with new projects by dedicating a certain amount of their time to the Lordz (The rank Warden exists only in combination with Gendarme or Inspector)
    Warden Gendarme (three golden stars) - Gendarmes are the Lordz "Forum Police" who help keeping up good order
    Warden Inspector (three golden stars) - Beta testers for new releases of the Lordz current mod
    Steward (four golden stars) - Stewards are people who have contributed to the Lordz work to a certain extent (for example by doing research work)
    Steward Moderator (four golden stars) - A Steward who is also Forum Moderator
    Investor (five golden stars) - Investors are people who have contributed to the Lordz work by providing material support such as webspace or donations
    Investor Moderator (five golden stars) - an Investor who is also Forum Moderator
    Lord (six golden stars) - not sure about these ones :wink:
    Lord Moderator (six golden stars) - a Lord who is also Forum Moderator
    Lord Adminstrator (six golden stars) - a Lord who is also Forum Administrator

Within a combined title the first word always determines the rank and the second term is more an information about privileges or/ and specific tasks.

Some of the ranks and/ or specific tasks are connected with special access privileges to certain sections of the Forums:

Warden Inspectors: The Briefing Room

There are also some other forums for special purposes availabe for different ranks but they can not be seen by the public so there is no need to explain them here.

The Lordz

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