Avatar and Signature Rules

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Avatar and Signature Rules

Postby Lordz » Wed Dec 24, 2003 6:15 pm

Hello NTW Community.

Here are the 'rules' concerning both Avatars and Signatures:

Changing default avatars

The avatar settings panel is NOT visible when registering.
So after registering and logging in with your username and password go to your Profile and you will find a panel that gives you the chance to view the avatar gallery (we currently host more than 300 images to chose from) where you can set your prefered personal avatar.

Custom Avatar Images:

    Must Be 60 Pixels wide and 89 Pixels high - not more - not less
    Cannot Contain Animation
    Cannot Mimick Rank Images &/Or Staff Avatars
    Cannot Exceed 15k In File Size
    Must meet the style of the NTW portraits
Se also the sticky thread in the administrators front office. There you will find a photoshop template for avatar creation for download and also some instructions for use.



    NO signature images

    Text Lines Must Be 4 Lines Or Under (if small text-size is used) Including Blank Spacer Lines
    Text Lines Must Be 3 Lines Or Under (if normal text-size is used) Including Blank Spacer Lines
    Text Lines Cannot Contact Huge Or Tiny Text-Size. That is between size=9 and size=12, no smaller, no larger.
    Must not contain advertising or links to sites the Lordz are not at good standing with


One (1) notice of violation will be given, and if no action is taken than a physical change by our Administration will take place.

Likewise, the Lordz Group reserves the right to remove any avatar image, and edit/remove any/all Signature info., at any time.

Thank You for adhering to these rules.

The Lordz

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