Release of Napoleon's Eagles 8.1

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Release of Napoleon's Eagles 8.1

Postby Lord Desaix » Tue Nov 06, 2018 3:09 pm

Version 8.1 of Napoleon's Eagles with the battle of Saalfeld included and lot of fixes changes to existing scenarios. Full stand alone installer, no need for any previous version.

Download link

Napoleon's Eagles historical battles version 8.1

Main features of the mod

29 historical battles, each battle available as historical scenario, what-if and/or alternative deployment scenario’s
Accurate representation of the battlefields based on geographical and historical data
Thoroughly researched OOBs represented on scale
Historic representation of the armies of the Era, with their strengths and weaknesses
Objective-driven combat (VPs and LOC) and delayed reinforcements feature
Comprehensive set of rules for improved realism and gameplay
Fog of war (FOW)
Installation instructions:
(0) Remove Napoleon's Eagles 8.0 if present by running the unistaller (can be found in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Napoleon Total War)
(1) Extract and then launch the installer of NE 8.1
(2) Direct installer to the Napoleon Total War folder (normally, located on C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Napoleon Total War, but it will differ if your steam folder is located on a different drive)
(3) Wait until all files are extracted and installed (it is recommended not to switch to other programs during the installation)
The mod is compatible with other modules of NTW3 mod ver 8.1 or above. A shortcut to NE launcher will be created on your desktop automatically. Enjoy!

Napoleon’s Eagles 8.1 release notes and log file

Battle of Saalfeld
The brillant affaire of Marshal Lannes at Saalfeld against Prince Louis of Prussia who found his death in a final charge trying to save the day and let his trrops to retire to Schwarza bridge. The usual detailed map and order of battle will offer the opportunity to recreate this minor engagement of the 1806 campaign that showed the decisive supremacy of the french tactics over the old linear style of the prussians.



General Changes and fixes
1) Manager updated with Free Camera option (press do select/deselect) and No Flag in battle option (press to select/deselect)
2) Cannister increased average of 1 pellet
3) Fixed penalty to running infantry in exhausted status
4) Increased penalty to recent/extended casualties as well for army casualties
5) Charge bonus +3 points
6) Slight wider artillery crew profile
7) +10 fatigue to melee, -10 fatigue to charge
8) +1 Morale penalty to exhausted and very tired status (will rout faster)
9) Removed the option of Doran's stats from manager

Battles and scenario changes
Auerstadt: Reduced french accuracy
Elchingen: Reduced french accuracy, fixed late scenario delays and radar map, austrian Loc moved, new vineyards planted north of Elchingen
Marengo: Reduced french accuracy
Waterloo: Reduced french guards accuracy, changed prussian initial position, prussian hussar uniforms now corrected with facing colours
Sagunto: Heavier terrain modifiers for cavalry on ploughed fields
Hohenlinden: Reduced french accuracy
La Rothiere: Reduced french guards accuracy, changed delays and positions for french guards and bavarians, 3 fords added on the north side of the map
Albuera: Reduced slightly french accuracy and reload
Coruna: Changed terrain modifiers, fixed french Loc
Rivoli: Reduced slightly french accuracy and reload
Castiglione 5th: new VPs location, changed unit allocation to players 3vs3, Fiorella is back in the historical scenario although with less units than the full scenario
Salamanca: Reduced slightly french accuracy and reload
Austerlitz: Reduced slightly french guards accuracy and reload

As a final remark, with this extensively reworked and expanded version of NE mod we will be trying to re-launch HB gaming. Additional information in form of F.A.Q. and (video) tutorials will follow shortly. That information will be meant to help players who has limited or now experience with NTW or TW games in general, but have interest in the Napoleonic Warfare. So, stay tuned!
For any question please write on this forum or contact Desaix or Stilgar on steam.

Vive l'Empereur!

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Re: Release of Napoleon's Eagles 8.1

Postby Lord Davn » Tue Nov 06, 2018 9:51 pm

Congratulations on the v8.1 release Lord Desaix :clap:
I will update our NTW3 HB page on the TWC forum.
“This was their finest hour!” ~Winston Churchill

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