List of Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars Battles

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List of Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars Battles

Postby Lord Lepic » Sun Apr 23, 2017 9:04 am

List of Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars Battles: April.

Battles which were fought during the Revolutionary and Napoleonic era. ... PxeShMrJhE

This is work in progress; Researching over 2000 Battles of the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars.
I have added Links ( Battles highlighted in bold) within the list of the battles covered so far, find the details on the commanders, troop numbers and what happened during the course of the various battles here.
If you know of any Battles currently missed or have a Battle Request let me know thanks.
If you have any information, images or videos for a Battle post on the N:WARS Forum.
Battles are usually posted on the same day as they were fought.

The following are descriptions of battles fought during the Napoleonic and Revolutionary Wars in the month of April.

Abaud_3 April 1799_Skirmish
Abensberg_20 April 1809_Battle
Alhourin_14 April 1812_Clash
Almeida_7 April-10 May 1811_Siege
Amarante_18 April - 3 May 1809_Clashes
Amberg_13 April 1809_Skirmish
Arnhofen_19 April 1809_Clash

Badajoz_22 April - 12 May 1811_Blockade
Bayonne_14 April 1814_Sortie
Biar_12 April 1813_Clash
Bleicherode_19 April 1813_Skirmish
Bocchetta La_9 April 1800_Clash
Boulou_30 April - 1 May 1794_Battle
Braila_18 April - 17 May 1809_Failed Siege
Boulou_30 April - 1 May 1794_Battle
Brescia_21 April 1799_Capitulation
Briga_27 April 1794_Skirmish
Cadibona_6 April 1800_Clash
Capri_10 April 1815_Capture of
Casaglia_12 April 1815_Clash
Castalla_13 April 1813_Battle
Castelcerino_30 April 1809_Clash
Cateau Le_26 April 1794_Battle
Catillon_17 April 1794_Clash
Ceret_20 April 1793_Clash
Cerisiera_6 April 1794_Skirmish
Cesenatico_23 April 1815_Clash
Ciudad Rodrigo_26 April - 9 July 1810_Siege
Col Ardente_24 April 1794_Clash
Conde_8 April - 12 July 1793_Blockade
Copenhagen_2 April 1801_Navel Battle
Courtray_26 April 1794_Skirmish

Dego_14 April 1796_Clash
Dego_15 April 1796_Clash
Eggmuhl_22 April 1809_Battle
Etauliers_6 April 1814_Clash
Figueras_10 April 1811_Capture
Figueras_4 April - 19 August 1811_Blockade
Geisling_17 April 1809_Skirmish
Genoa_19 April - 4 June 1800_Blockade
Guarda_14 April 1812_Clash
Hausn and Teugn (Thann)_19 April 1809_Clash
Hirschau_11 April 1809_Skirmish
Innsbruck_11 - 13 April 1809_Clashes
Kustrin_13 April 1813 - 7 March 1814_Blockade
Landrecies_19 April 1794_Clash
Landrecies_21 - 30 April 1794_Siege
Landshut_16 April 1809_Clash
Landshut_21 April 1809_Clash
Langensalza_16 - 17 April 1813_Clash
Le Chateau _26 April 1794_Battle
Lecco_26 April 1799_Skirmish
Llieda_29 April - 13 May 1810_Siege
Luneburg_2 April 1813_Clash

Magnano_5 April 1799_Battle
Mainz_10 April - 23 July 1793_Siege
Maighera_23 April 1809_Raid
Mantua_8 April - 28 July 1799_Siege
Margalef_23 April 1810_Clash
Milan_30 April - 24 May 1799_Blockade
Millesimo (Cosseria)_13 - 14 April 1796_Clash
Mockern_5 April 1813_Clash
Mondovi_22 April 1796_Clash
Monte Cenis_7 - 8 April 1800_Capture
Monte Fascio_7 April 1800_Clash
Monte Settepani_10 - 11 April 1800_Clash
Montenotte_11 - 12 April 1796_Clash
Mount Tabor_16 April 1799_Skirmish
Mouscron_26 - 28 - 29 April 1794_Clash

Neumarkt - St Vieth_24 April 1809_Clash
Neuwied_18 April 1797_Clash
Nordhausen_19 April 1813_Skirmish

Occhiobello_7 April 1815_Clash

Pesaro_28 April 1815_Raid
Pordenone_15 April 1809_Clash
Puerto de Arlaban_9 April 1812_Ambush

Quena_3 April 1799_Massacre

Raclawice_4 April 1794_Clash
Radzymin (Grochow)_26 April 1809_Clash
Raszyn_19 April 1809_Clash
Regensburg and Stadtamhof_19 April 1809_1st Clash
Regensburg_20 April 1809_Capitulation
Regensburg_23 April 1809_2nd Clash
Remus_22 April 1799_1st Skirmish
Remus_30 April 1799_2nd Skirmish
Romans - sur - I'Isere_2 April 1814_Capture
Ronco_21 April _1815

Sabugal_3 April 1811_Combat
Sacile_16 April 1809_Battle
Salzburg_29 April 1809_Combat

Taro River_13 April 1814_Clash
Tauffers_4 April 1799_2nd Clash
Ten Briel_6 April 1794_Skirmish
Toulouse_10 April 1814_Battle
Tournay_29 April 1792_Clash
Tuilla La_25 April 1794_Skirmish

Ursensollen_14 April 1809_Skirmish

Venzone_11 April 1809_1st Clash
Verreira_11 April 1800_Clash
Villagarcia_11 April 1812_Clash
Villers - en - Cauchie_24 April 1794_Clash
Voltri_10 April 1796_Skirmish
Voltri_18 April 1800_Clash
Voreppe_2 April 1814_Capture

Wanfried_18 April 1813_Ambush
Warsaw_17 - 19 April 1794_Clash

Zalamea_15 April 1810_Combat
Zermanja River_26 - 30 April 1809_Clashes

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