CTD in campaign battles

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CTD in campaign battles

Postby Kitsune » Fri May 06, 2022 5:37 pm

I just did a fresh install of the newest version of the mod, hoping my ctd's in battles would get fixed, but to no avail. So I hope you guys can help me.

Every moderately large battle during campaigns just crashes the game after about 15-20 minutes of playtime. (I don't know if small battles also crash, because they are usually over too quickly) No freeze, no error, no black screen, just booted straight to the desktop.
It happens regardless of my graphics settings and I tried it with and without the 4gb patch and the specified VRAM amount in the preferences file.

My settings as of right now:
Unit size: medium, Shader model 3 high, Unit detail: medium, Texture filtering: 16x, Shadows: off, Grass: off, Textures: high, Particles: high, the rest all medium and the checkboxes off. I also run the game fullscreen with Nvidia control panel vsync and an fps lock of 117 fps for Gsync @120hz 1440p

My specs: RTX 2080ti / i9 9900k / 32gb ddr4 ram @3600Mhz / game installed on Samsung ssd 860evo

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