Bad Bug in NTW 3 8.1

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Bad Bug in NTW 3 8.1

Postby portraitoftheartist » Mon Jan 11, 2021 10:42 pm

Every Fort in the European Campaign glitches when attacked - terribly. It's a shame because the effort put into this Mod is incredible and my breath is taken away by the period detail. This issue is a real pity - it also makes me wonder if there any other little issues hidden out there, though so far so good.

I've complained about this before - and to clarify I AM NOT referring to developing Forts into Star-Forts. I mean there are no forts on the battle field. They exist on the map alright. Fine, I can build as many as I wish world wide.

But the critical issue is that they disappear when attacked. They simply vanish. There is a square prep-space - like the game knows there is supposed to be a fort - but there isn't.

Kinda annoying because a campaign I've invested a lot of stress and time into has come to nothing if a key settlement of mine is attacked without my fort shielding my infantry garrison.

So PLEASE any attention or help is badly, badly wanted.
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