Load/Save unit feature in MP battles

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Load/Save unit feature in MP battles

Postby LarkinVB » Thu Aug 08, 2019 10:48 am

Hi, greetings and thanks for this great mod.

I would love to play it with my friends but since we are old & lazy, we do need the feature to load/save our armies for MP battles.
It was removed with v8.2, so are we stuck with v8.1 or are there ways to make it work again for the latest patches?

It did work for max. 20 units and was removed because it could crash the game otherwise? Why not giving the players the option to use it or not?

If there is no easy way I'm willing to mod it back in but need some direction. I was one of the main modders of the 'Dawn of War' AI mod and can code, so it should be doable for me.

Thanks again for all your work from germany.

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