No sound in NTW3 Singleplayer Campaign

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No sound in NTW3 Singleplayer Campaign

Postby Baljan » Tue Aug 06, 2019 4:49 pm

I hesitated a bit before asking this question, as I have seen it been asked countless times on diefferent forums. But I have now tried everything, deleting user/preference.script, deleting NTW and NTW 3 and downloading it again, veryfied integrity of game files (even with Steam in admin mode). And still, every time I start the mod the sound disappears after the intro (of course I could play without sound, but the whole experiences is kind of off).

This is also very irritating, as the sound works with the 8.5 launcher, so the sounds works in online battles, but not in single-player with the 8.3 launcher. And every time a try to verify integrity of game files there seems to be 1 file who won't download/work.
You can't imagine how grateful I would be to get help so I could play a single-player campaign as Sweden with sound.

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Re: No sound in NTW3 Singleplayer Campaign

Postby Lord Davn » Wed Aug 07, 2019 3:19 pm

You may have overlapping NTW mods installed. I would suggest that you completely remove the NTW vanilla & mods from your HDD. Reinstall the original NTW vanilla game from Steam and then play a few short battles and campaign games. If all works well then install the NTW3 mods and try it again.
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