French uniforms historical accuracy

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French uniforms historical accuracy

Postby sbeowulf » Tue Jun 25, 2019 1:33 pm

Hello devs and everyone interested,

I really like what you are doing with this mod, especially making it more accurate.
Since the release of vanilla ntw, the uniforms of the french soldiers weren't correct (like the uniforms of other factions) Now I've been playing your mod for a while and definitely since the latest version (8.4) I had some notes about the uniforms.

Let's talk about the french line infantry uniforms first, I posted a topic several years ago about the french pompons on the shakos, about them not being included in the mod while is is technically already in the game, for more info, here's the link: viewtopic.php?t=16362

Pompons are not an insignificant detail and will not increase the games workload since it is already in the game (just on a particular peninsular unit), and almost every other model in the game have plumes. People also told me that it would be difficult making all of the difficult colors for the pompons, well just give them all either, dark green, red, blue or purple ones then. I have already made corrections to the vanilla versions of the models myself to make them accurate, I not only added the correct pompons, but also made the 'habit veste" better, the gillet veste pockets more accurate, remade the backpack, added missing leather straps and remade the shako plates. I also made a parade and a campaign version of the uniform (as they would have been worn on the battlefield at the time) be sure contact me for the pictures and more info since I don't know how to upload these pictures here. ;)

The french flags in the newest version of the mod aren't correct for the time periods specified in the army type, I believe it stated: 1809- 1812. The flags in previous builds of the mod were correct so I don't see why this needed to be changed.

One more thing I needed to point out is the white uniforms or "habit vests" in the different french regiments, I really can't think of a reason for those to be implemented (simply because it's pure fantasy) other then then to represent the "gillet vests" (which were worn underneath the habit.) They only wore those in camp or on drills, not on the actual battlefield where everyone should be in campaign gear or sometimes in parade gear(but that was not all that common.)

Here's a picture of the infantry habit longue:
And a picture of a french infantry gillet veste: ... 0Tunic.jpg
Also a correct picture of an original french shako with pompon: ... 4d171e.jpg

This is not a rant, I really enjoy the mod and want to help it improve by just giving some historical feedback, take it or leave it ;)
I'm also a full-time digital artist, so with some help I can probably change the texture maps for the french infantry regiments to make them accurate if you want ;)

Kind regards everyone!

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