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NTW3 Version 8.3 - (standalone)

Postby Lord Liberalis » Tue May 07, 2019 10:01 am

Version 8.3

Download and installation

Changelog (since v8.2)
  • New faction : UK/Egypt (1801), expeditionary corps in Egypt
  • New faction : Spain (King Joseph's army)
  • New faction : Connacht (1798), short-lived Irish Connacht Republic with French support
  • Artillery : cost increased, especially for large batteries
  • Artillery : foot capped to 2, horse to 1
  • Infantry : special cost debuff for small and very small units (except for skirmishers)
  • Line infantry is less expensive
  • Line infantry and militia charge bonus decreased
  • Unit capping includes associated generals (ie. cannot have Grenadiers à cheval + Bessières anymore)
  • Uniforms : Austrian generals
  • Uniforms : Russian cossacks
  • Uniforms : Peninsular OEls' light infantry
  • Uniforms : French light infantry
  • Uniforms : Bavarian officers' hat fixed
  • Uniforms : Russkiy Narod infantry completely redesigned
  • Hardcore mode : in the lobby, flags only show faction points, not the selected faction itself
  • France (Spain) : roster almost entirely redone
  • Peninsular coalition : many uniforms and units added
  • United Kingdom 1815 : some units added or removed
  • Spain (both) : some units added
  • Many text descriptions added, for new factions and those related to the Peninsular War
  • Non-fighting generals run slower and are less able to charge
  • In the faction selection dropdown menu, factions are grouped by country
  • Some generals' portraits have been corrected or improved
  • Creation of the Brown Bess musket, mostly for British and Portuguese regiments, and a few Spanish, Persian and Russian ones
  • Special muskets (Eastern Tufenk and British Brown Bess) are listed in the abilities
  • Two generals can be selected in each army, one fighting and one non fighting (general staff), the first selected can hide in the fog of war
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