NTW3 Patch 8.2 - (obsolete)

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NTW3 Patch 8.2 - (obsolete)

Postby Lord Liberalis » Tue May 07, 2019 9:59 am

Patch 8.2

  • Distinction between armoured and non-armoured heavy cavalry. Armoured heavy cavalry is slower (C1-C2) but has much better defense than non-armoured (C3-C4)
  • New faction: Russian Imperial Guard (1812-1814)
  • Spain 1808 climbs up to 10-points, with 90 new units, and major stats review
  • Spain 1812 gets 60 new units, with also a wide stats review
  • Prussia 1813 goes down to 9-points
  • 40 new units for the Holy Roman Empire, with several changes for its infantry stats
  • Light cavalry and lancers get an overall lower defense
  • Infantry generals can't inspire anymore (can still rally)
  • Fighting generals price reevaluation, cheap ones are more useful
  • New mechanic for melee-able skirmishers
  • Ammo correction for Prussia 1806 and several underrated generals
  • 35 new generals in many different factions
  • Correction on some generals' portraits
  • About 250 new detailed descriptions of units and biographies
  • New theme for the Russia Imperial Guard
  • Mass rout effect slight increased
  • Countless minor stats changes
  • In-game flags are square-shaped, as they used to be
  • MP hosting settings: only medium funds and medium unit size can be selected
  • Correction of a small issue caused by the NTW:Definitive Edition update
  • More detailed uniforms for the Peninsular faction
  • Chevrons removed from French Guard uniforms
  • Many uniform bugs corrected
  • 400+ cards redone or corrected
  • Screenshot mode (in the launcher) corrected
  • Only compatible hosted battles are displayed in the lobby
  • In the MP lobby, the map and duration are displayed
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