NTW3 Patch 8.1 - (obsolete)

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NTW3 Patch 8.1 - (obsolete)

Postby Lord Liberalis » Tue May 07, 2019 9:58 am

Patch 8.1

  • Units' cost slightly reduced
  • Morale: overall light reduction, musketfire causes much more morale debuff, charging is more strenuous
  • Generals' stars: 20% cheaper
  • Shorter range to spot hidden units from the fog of war, except for light cavalry
  • Some scenario fixes
  • Infantry ammo fixes
  • Wrong cards and inaccurate names corrected
  • Internal launcher improvment
  • Longer range for skirmishers (with increased cost)
  • More Grenze units for Austria
  • More line infantry for Russia 1812
  • Prussia 1806, Denmark, Sweden: cavalry cards redone
  • Piedmont-Sardinia 1814's many cards redone
  • Sept-Îles artillery general is not static anymore
  • "no custom UI" compatibility bug fixed
  • A few new generals (Austria, Russia 1807/1812, UK/Canada)
  • Foot artillery pace is now on a F1-F6 scale
  • Artillery less vulnerable to artillery fire
  • Better resistance of squares against cavalry
  • All abilities (guerilla, stakes, etc.) are listed on top of a unit's description (tooltip)
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