SP campaign > 5.0 manual uniform modding

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SP campaign > 5.0 manual uniform modding

Postby Theszert » Sat Mar 17, 2018 9:20 am

Hello chaps!

Thank you for this amazing mod that I have been playinf for a few years now!!

I mostly play the SP campaigns, especially the 1805 campaign of the coalition as the French. Since v5.0 you have updated the uniforms, included the French, whrre they would have the historically accurate uniforms of 1805 with the bicorns and bearksin shakos for the grenadiers for example. I must commend whichever Lord(z) put his heart and soul into making those new uniforms.

Since my campaign is now in the year 1807, I would love to change my fusiliers de ligne uniforms to the new ones withh shakos, as well as the grenadiers with their red shakos. By no means I am asking you to revert the uniforms or mod the campaing so the uniforms update by themselves (or by technology research).

I am pretty happy with me modding my own game to make those changes, I have already explored the different model.pack files, with NTWpackfile manager or stg like that.

All I ask is for a bit information:
- to change my fusiliers de ligne, and fusiliers de ligne-like units (Les Terribles, les invincibles...) which unit in the models_spcn.pack should I edit?
- to change my grenadiers unit, which unit should I edit?
- in which pack file should I look to copy the grenadiers with red shakos, and new fusiliers unit model variations and paste them in my sp pack?
- is there a better way to do those edits?

Sorry for bothering, I could’ve done this on my own if I knew where to look and what to look for ;)
The unit names are always accompanied with _naples or some other stuff after the actual name that interests me (1805-grenadier) and with so many name variants that I just don’t know which one to edit or which one to inspire from.

Congratulations again for making all of this happen and creating such a magnificent community!!

It would be wonderful if you could help out a noob modder :| but non noob programmer ;) so if you later want some help writing scripts or sorts I am more than happy to assist!

Thank you and have a nice day!

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Re: SP campaign > 5.0 manual uniform modding

Postby Lord Davn » Tue Mar 20, 2018 4:32 pm

Changing uniforms is fairly involved to do a complete job. You can check the NTW3 mod workshop in the TWC forum for more complete info.
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