Pixelated Apollo ~ Napoleonic: Total War III ~ NTW3 Battle Commentary 01.02.2018.

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Pixelated Apollo ~ Napoleonic: Total War III ~ NTW3 Battle Commentary 01.02.2018.

Postby Lord Lepic » Sat Feb 03, 2018 11:19 am


What is a Line of Communication [LOC] battle?
The objective is to capture the houses or have the most points at the end of the Battle
These are shown as stars on the in game mini map and houses on the battlefield
Each has a points value shown within each star
The team with the most points not houses wins
These are played set on medium funds + units size and with 60 mins battle time

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Please send your Napoleonic: Total War III ~ [NTW3] Replays to Cosak
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1. Game ~ Napoleon: Total War
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4. Map
5. Battle Type: Deathmatch, LOC or scenario
6. Short description of your battle and who won

Include the replay file and screenshot


303,297 Views Pixelated Apollo ~ Napoleonic: Total War III ~ [NTW3] Battle Commentary Playlist

NAPOLEONIC MASSACRE - Napoleonic: Total War 3 Mod Gameplay

Napoleonic: Total War 3 Mod Gameplay - Today we are trying out the NTW3 mod for Napoleon Total War. This mod is crazy good, and I hope to play more in the future. Be sure to download the mod and try it out :D

This battle is a 2v2 online battle, I am commanding Poland and my ally is Russia. We are taking on 2 United Kingdom armies! Enjoy the battle :D
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