A "Grand Campaign?"

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A "Grand Campaign?"

Postby BaronPelet » Fri Sep 29, 2017 7:29 pm

I am mostly a campaign junkie and have absolutely loved the pacing of the battles in this mod, but one of my interests would be to see if there would be some idea for a French "Grand campaign" as another alternate for the main 1805 campaign.

I've appreciated the decision to give the French control over Wurttemberg to start, and I was wondering if there was any thought of expanding that to have a similar starting point but with control over Hessen-Kassel, Holland, Switzerland, and perhaps even Northern Italy. I realize it is not entirely accurate but I enjoy having those foreign units in my force and conquering those nations and undergoing the inevitable revolt distracts from the Austrians et al. and wrecks my diplomatic image. I especially appreciate the need for those forces with the placement of unit caps, which I find to be quite appropriate.

If the ability to control those forces from the start would not be feasible/supported by the mods, would there perhaps be thoughts of having those forces as able to be recruited from Paris proper? I feel this is may not be as applicable to say the British as the Hanoverian units are "trapped" in occupied French territory, but with the French to gain foreign units from allied satellites you would have to destroy those satellites which are either allies or friendly. With the Hanoverian comparison, similarly the French should still "liberate" the Poles to gain those forces since they are totally in enemy lands, I would just be interested in seeing the allied satellite forces available/controlled. Keep up the wonderful work gentlemen!

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Re: A "Grand Campaign?"

Postby Lord Davn » Sun Oct 01, 2017 6:01 pm

The campaign scenario that you've outlined is a version of the War of the Fourth Coalition after Napoleon started to consolidate his territorial gains https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/War_of_the_Fourth_Coalition

It would be very challenging to accommodate your request as all of the vanilla units (land & sea) have to be changed out in the campaign startpos.esf file, a long and tedious task. Then the new units for France have to added to the data files, however we are looking at upgrading the Peninsular Campaign for NTW3 stats & game play :wink:
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