"Oh Dear God Please NO! Its Karlsson's Wishlist!"

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"Oh Dear God Please NO! Its Karlsson's Wishlist!"

Postby Karlsson » Fri Jul 28, 2017 8:10 pm

Probably too late for anything to be even considered at all, but here are some things I personally would like to see in Subsequent versions of the mod:

Big Ideas:
-An expanded Regimental sub-mod (beyond just the 100 Days / 7th Coalition Campaign)
-Incorporation of many of the mechanics of the Regimental SM but into a Battalion scale mod with the Freedom to create diverse builds (Both mechanics and condensed stats, forcing players to rely on skill as opposed to a handful of powerful shock units)
-Seperate from the mod: A 1:1 scale version with the soul purpose of creating Cinematic videos
-Seperate Download for the "War in the Americas" SM (and the addition of 3x12lber and 2x18lber Naval Guns used by Commodore Joshua Barney and the Marines at Bladensburg :-) ... )

Main Mod Mechanics:
-If at all possible, make skirmisher's movement speed less affected by Forests

-For the USA, maybe have the Rangers' (Both Mounted and on Foot) numbers per unit cut in half, but made into a Guerilla force. Also maybe change name of the Mounted Rangers to Kentucky Mounted Rifles/Milita
-Also USA: Naval Guns :-)
-3lber Regimental/Battalion guns for Pussia 1806 (In case someone wanted to make a historical build)
-More Moderate tier/price Unique Russian Musketeers for Russia 1812. (Their Line Infantry is pretty boring)
-"Conscripts of the Guard" and "National Guard of the Guard" (Really just pools of reserves for the Young Guard. Not Considered part of the Imperial Guard)
-France 1811: 13e Infanterie Legere (Captured La Haye St at Waterloo)

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