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No recruitment tabs

Postby gdpsnake » Tue Jul 25, 2017 10:54 pm

Everything else seems to work fine. Restore vanilla works fine. But the mod doesn't have any recruitment tabs on any cities. If you select an Army and recruitment you will just see empty bubbles with no choices to make. I have uninstalled completely, reinstalled then ran a vanilla start. Then I installed the 7.2 mod to my NTW directory. So please don't ask me to do it again, that's not the problem. It doesn't matter if I run from the 7.2 desktop icon, run from the hard drive folder or run from the steam game start. I verified the game files multiple times.
Any help would be appreciated.

One thing I notice. When you install the NTW 7.2 to the NTW vanilla folder: steam/steamapps/common/napoleon total war. It tries to create steam/steamapps/common/napoleon total war/napoleon total war. I deleted the last "/napoleon total war" entry on the browse to install. So my question is: should a NTW folder be created within the vanilla napoleon total war folder? Currently the NTW3 is inside the vanilla data folder.

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