7.2 version infos and multiplayer

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7.2 version infos and multiplayer

Postby TheItalianoX » Tue May 30, 2017 6:31 am

Hi all.

I installed the 7.2 version of NTW3 and I had a good time with a new 1805 campaign with Kingdom Of Italy. But since I maybe was wrong understanding the meaning of some explanation I would like to ask here for some further info with the mod. Thanks you in advance.

- I have noticed some research in the tech tree have their research time set at 40/60/80 turns to complete. Is it my problem? Is it intended to be this way?
- I started the campaign with all difficult maxed out. Since I now remember there was a discussion in previous version where the correct solution was playing at a lower difficult level since the AI was only modded at that difficulty level what should I do?
- I have also noticed that during battles the AI turns out to stay in their deployment zones all grouped in a small single spot, like 20units in 200 square meters (last battles were not affected by this "problem", I read in TWC forum I should wait some turns because AI needs to prepare good units and it's bad at organizing militia etc. Is this true?)
- Finally I have experienced some bad crashes during campaign and during a very long battle (like 2 hours and half because reinforcement were continuing entering the battlefield etc..). Maybe it's my fault because I have launched the NTW from steam and not from the launcher then I have played some turns of my campaign and when factions were doing stuff in their turns it crashed. So after many crashes I realized I could have possibly corrupted some files launching ntw from steam. So I uninstalled the mod, reinstalled it and then played (from launcher) from my last save and it went very well this time. Then I battled Rome (pontificial states) and a very long battle occurred then crash when they had a few units left (frustrating :cry: )

Lastly, I would really like to join some of you in multiplayer battles to improve myself and enjoy ntw3 with others but I don't really know how to do that.

Thanks, Kristian

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