Just some issues, including my Prussia campaign

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Just some issues, including my Prussia campaign

Postby Assault_Armor » Sun May 14, 2017 4:11 pm

-It said Prussia is trading with Austria via port, as seen in the diplomatic tab, but no trade route was made, nor Austria in the list in Trade tab.
-Artillery building is useless to upgrade in Greater Poland, the second upgrade gives basically the same unit as the first building.

-It seems infantry vs Calvary reaction looks wrong, the infantry got dragged away toward the Calvary and died before the horses even reach the unit.
-Artillery spacing, they seems to hug each other side by side.
-Ai generals too aggressive, especially when arrived as reinforcement
-And idk what how to explain this but it seems general unit stuck like 1 metre away from the selected target, they turn into statues and pointing their swords forward. Sometimes I have an enemy general turned into statue for a bloody long time behind my lines while Im busy fighting. The only way to get my general to massacre routing enemy is too just to order them to get in contact then order them to attack, at least this works.
-So far, blob army is rare, there is one or two cases but AI is getting good at attacking in line, love it. Enemy Calvary always flanking, nothing bad about it. Only AI artillery seems a bit retarded shooting at the ground because a huge hill front them but still they will relocate, which is good but their entire army already battered before they can even take more shots on my army.

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