Another case of disappearing units again

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Another case of disappearing units again

Postby Assault_Armor » Thu Apr 27, 2017 6:30 am

A couple of weeks ago I made a thread about militia units(any units with garrison policing bonus) gone after enemy attack a region and failed to take it. Now there seems to be another problem. I was playing Prussia campaign(1805 campaign) and around 1807 there an Ottoman fleet wandering around the Baltic sea with full stacks army in their fleet.
After I clicked the end turn button and seeing all those AIs making their move, Ottoman declared war on me, and landed their full stack army at Danzig,West Prussia. After the end turn, I went to check the Ottoman army and I found it has only 3 units left. The rest is gone, nowhere to be found. I believe this is a bug, I dont think the Ottoman army split and moved somewhere else or hidden, I checked the nearby forest there and found nothing. All I remember is the Ottoman army landed at area of attrition, just a few inches away from the town of Danzig.

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Re: Another case of disappearing units again

Postby Lord Davn » Sun Jul 02, 2017 7:40 pm

The Ottomans are notorious for their treachery and sneak attacks. Consider yourself fortunate as they landed an army in my backyard while playing as England in 1807. My armies were all committed to France to finish off Napoleon except for a few garrison units. They ran amok over the English countryside until I could recall enough units from France to defeat them.

The majority of the Ottoman units are inferior to the basic European units unless they are elite troops. The games AI may have resolved the battle for you with the garrison units at Danzig. We have modified the garrisons to include militia units for more of a challenge.
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