Co-op campaign.

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Co-op campaign.

Postby Prof. Wubba » Mon Aug 29, 2016 3:06 am

I'm posting this again here because I got nothing when I tried on TW centre.

Is there no way to do proper co-operative in this? I understand that you cannot swap units and all the fancy stuff that was added in later games but why is there no option to not play as AI? Would it really be that hard to add an AI into the battle instead of the other player? When you're playing with a friend who's not very good at the game and there's a huge discrepancy in skill it makes playing out battles pointless for him. It's possible to work together if you both have troops in the same battle and you can play with a friend against AI in a custom battle. So can it not be done in campaign?

Thanks for your time.

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