Congrats for V5

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Congrats for V5

Postby TPGV Cincinnato » Fri Dec 12, 2014 10:09 pm

Congratulations for the new version of NTV3. Very nice new uniforms, it is pleasing the idea of forming the bodies of single guard or freikorp. I agree with the changes of the moral and costs of the troops, and the performance of the weapons. Still too strong factor for melee infantry in square against cavalry. I find it perfect in Darth mod Empire. Personally, I would make more effective fire muskets or rifles, of the light troops, when they are in skirmish order . It would be interesting, that only the troops in the circle of the general, they can move. More general is the high-grade, more then the circle widens. In this way our simulated wargame would be even more similar to reality. Thanks again for your wonderful work.

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