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Re: histwar: a survey

Postby WarnerVH » Wed Jul 20, 2011 2:32 pm

I know it's been awhile since any posting has been made concerning Histwar; but without resurrecting and old dead thread and turning into a Necromancer I thought i would ask how has your HistWar experience been since the 3a (?) patch that came out this past May?

I have always liked the depth the histwar. It is the ONLY game to date that can at least give a "realistic" version of a true tabletop war gaming experience. As far as you can muster on a PC. The graphics is a bit dated. That is true; but it's a solid game.

I like the patch; but I wish that the user interface would be more intuitive. I have spent literally five or ten minutes trying to either find a menu option because I could not remember the sequence of combinations of "tabs" and "drop down list" that a certain function was under. It seems HW prides itself on getting done in five steps what most games do similar in one or two. That's my only and biggest complaint. Along with the ability to edit the OOB, map generator and behavior options, they too are much more difficult than it needs to be.

As far as the other aspects of the game I truly love them. I like how units will not simply fight until they are decimated like most games; but will evaluate the situation and retreat from an engagement if they see no hope of achieving anything beneficial. And while I know the AI has gotten some complaints; but I do feel it works just fine.

I would hope that future patches might still address the UI and maybe make some updates on the graphics. While eye candy is not the most important aspect of this game it would be nice to see a few nicer animations and art in the game.

Cheers all!

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