Friend is Dead Hist War Napoleon ?

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Friend is Dead Hist War Napoleon ?

Postby Aillo » Sun Mar 29, 2015 4:48 pm

Hi every one...!!! I am very curious in to know, what happened with Histwar Napoleon game bacause just to the last year his disigner JMM Mathie dont give news about it... only post in his blog in the last november that the release promised for the game had very problems and dont give very much notices more.
I hope that its proyect to development Histwar dont finish in that way, sure will be a very bad new for all the lovers of the napoleonic games. JMM Mathie say something.... too much time without any word about it...!
I will giive thank to somebody that have any word to respect.

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zu Pferd
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Re: Friend is Dead Hist War Napoleon ?

Postby zu Pferd » Thu Apr 23, 2015 10:27 pm

Not yet.
New patch for HistWar looks promising as far as artillery and cavalry behavior.
The long term project is to get the MP game working again with a stable engine.
Recent tests look good. Minor fixes to scale and other temporary game environment
to come as well. Down the line is brigade and division command, New OOB and Map Editor.

All other news regarding LG the earlier older version is that it is still being used
and has numerous community based mods. I know of several clubs which use it as
well as myself. Priority now is given to HistWar Napoleon with a launch of the Austerlitz
campaign and battle on Steam Greenlight. I don't have a date; its a huge undertaking for
a very small game dedicated developer.

Thanks for the interest.

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