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Re: Histwar Napoleon

Postby mafala » Sat Nov 15, 2014 2:52 pm

I just checked it out: ABSOLUTELY NO POSTS ABOUT THAT HWN-FEEDBACK-PROBLEM ON HISTWAR.COM!!! Unbelievable. If you hardly talk to your "colleagues" how can this process work properly.....

If the so called beta-testers - i.e. the purchasers? - never get any short feedback on THEIR feedback.....this thing is doomed.

So JMM and VC and whoever is over there: Open a special thread at HISTWAR.COM and take your time to start a DISCUSSION about reports aso.

The time you spend there will be missed at your work but I am sure it pays off.

MEANWHILE I´ll pry into NTW4! Get it done, Messieurs!



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Re: Histwar Napoleon

Postby Wym... » Sat Nov 15, 2014 4:05 pm

Lord Gunner24 wrote:Hello wym, good trip down memory lane there.
Oh Gunner,dougie ,Maf and all other xNBC members I'll be up for a slow tactical NTW3 battle

Hard to believe I know, but I have not given up hope that one day (who knows when) the Lordz might make an ntw4 that I would be interested in..............

slow tactical

might do the trick.

Trying to bring the topic back to HW, I wonder if one day (no idea when) even you wym, might find HW a better option - when it is, of course, working 100% perfectly, and with all the "new" features that are on the way.....and your getting too old for fast fingers on the keyboard for ntw3.....ha.....ha........it happens to us all in the end, and HW may be the answer !.

Gunner I honestly think you,Maf,Fri,Dougi + all other xNBC members should join me,Frog and several other particular vets in the current version of NTW3 as some maps with certain oob's that would provide some fulfilling tactical battles(give it a try lads) :wink: After 100's of NTW3 games I would say that 25% of them are the slow tactical 2hr epic battles you would certainly enjoy......thou another 25% are the crap blob rush affairs.....and 50% are the half decent affairs which we are all used to.

V4 that we currently use with its LOC unit,new maps and more importantly the Nation handicap values would also aid your style of play/battle ie......Any HB map with terrain mods, with at least 1LOC command unit per side and the strongest team of players using nations valued at lets say 10-16 points per player(60 total for a 4v4) fighting against a team of 4 with 80 points at their disposal????These considerations/options may well give what you want?

The Nation handicap values system really does make for a more tactical slower battle(trust me)
with the French at 22,the Prussians at 21, Britain/Russia/Austria at 20 these 5 are like steam rollers in most players hands,where my Neapolitan's at 15 points are far more fragile(real care is needed when using them) let alone the half a dozen weak minors now available worth from 10-14 points........these nations are a REAL challenge to use so there is NEVER any rash/brash blob style games

And yes in 20 years or so when my mind and body has slow sufficiently and when HW is as bug free as poss I prob will join you lads in HW or a similar incarnation.....remember I cut my teeth on Austerlitz play by mail years ago and trust me if you think HW is a realistically deep game you have never tried Austerlitz lol(you guys should try it btw)

So all you xNBC members out there give it a go.........you may be pleasantly surprised(I would put money on it actually lol)
"I don't know what effect these men will have upon the enemy, but by God they frighten me"

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