Gaming online without any Steam issue? Tunngle!

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Gaming online without any Steam issue? Tunngle!

Postby Lord Dumonceau » Tue Sep 21, 2010 11:01 am

Hamachi is giving you an headache?
Can't get games to work?
Can't play games over vpn on Vista?
Napoleon Total War keeps giving you the "Can't connect to host" message?
Can't ping/see your friends?
Keep finding full or empty networks?
Are you wasting precious game time just for nothing?

Stop wasting time there is a SOLUTION and it's FREE.
Xp/Vista (32/64) certified!


It's called Tunngle and it's nice and easy. In less than a minute you can be playing games with your friends without the need of downloading tools or spend hours troubleshooting or going to weird websites just to find empty or full networks.

Tunngle vs Hamachi: Features comparison (and more Tunngle features are coming as version number increases!!)


*No hamachi doesn't work properly on Vista. Why? Beacuse it doesn't send UDP broadcast to the network interface. This means that, although some games might still work, many just won't. Unless you download a particular fix, you won't see all the hosted games in the game browser when using Vista or Windows 7.
**Often after some hard work. Hamachi can really be a pain to set up. Tunngle isn't! And you can always count on a wonderful support from the Tunngle crew.
***Offline players do not steal places to the online players anymore. How many hamachi networks are dead or full of offline players?Tunngle actively solves this issue!

Still don't belive me?

Try it yourself it's easy as hell (watch the Tutorial):

First Uninstall Hamachi if you had it, for example with Revo Uninstaller.

1) Download tunngle from the download section of the Tunngle website

2) While tunngle is downloading register on the Tunngle website by clicking "Join and get a free beta account today!"

3) Install Tunngle, restart your comp as required

4) Start tunngle, type in the username and the password and click login


5) select the game genre from the Network Explorer on the left


6) select the game network on the right (double click it to join)

7) Launch Steam in Offline mode, start the game, go to local network game and that's it. Tell your friends to do the same and you will be able to play with virtually any game (NTW works 100% with no further tool required, whatever your OS is)
Spoiler: show
From the main Steam window, go to the Steam menu and select Go Offline. Click Restart in Offline Mode to restart Steam in Offline Mode

(adapted from

It's prooftested. It allowed people that weren't able to join a game since they bought NTW to eventually enjoy MP games. I installed it and played a game within 10 minutes (restart included), no configuration required and fully recognized by my Kaspersky Internet Security Suite.

Even if you are lucky and not having issues with Steam, make the move and enjoy games with people that usually are crashing or not even able to join you on Steam.

Have fun

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