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TROM Tournament

Postby Somerset » Wed Nov 25, 2009 3:07 pm


You will be welcomed to...
2V2 TROM v1.64 Single EliminationTournament #1

TROM Tournament (TT) Forum: ... m-f53.html

Tournament Page:

Format and Rules:

· Game: TROM v1.64
· Maps: Steppe (Round1), Quatra Bras (Round 2) and Marengo Evening (Final).
· Unit Restrictions: No USA rifles.
· Corner/Hill/Red line camping: Banned (every controversial situation will be reviewed individually by admins if any conflict occurs )
· Florins: 10k per player
· Unit size: Large
· Time Period: Late
· Unranked
. No time limit
· Weather: Dry

. Battle deadlines: participants will have 2 weeks to play their allotted battle's.
. Results: To be posted under nwg forum, TT Battle Results ( ) along with replays and/or battleresult screenshot so officiators can verify the result.
· Factions: Teams cant use same faction for the tournament, each team ll choose their faction before the tourney starts which ll be determined looking at the registraiton order of the teams.
· Registration: Please create a new topic for your team on nwg forum under TT Entry ( ) including usernames of the 2 participants and your preferable faction.
. Dropping: If any of the 4 players drop/s after the battle starts, the game ll restart immediately. But if same thing occurs for the second time, game ll continue till the end unless everyone agree on restarting… Teams who leave the game, ll lose by default.
· Tournament Draw: Randomizer ll be used - and results will be announced under TT Battle arrangements ( ... s-f56.html ).


Round 1:
Team 2 v Team 1 , Team 7v Team 4 , Team 3 v Team 5, Team 6 v Team 8


The winning team of 2V2 TROM v1.64 Single EliminationTournament #1 will be announced on TROM steam group and nwg forum. They ll have the chance to choose their faction first and decide about round 1 map for TROM Tournament #2.

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Re: TROM Tournament

Postby Somerset » Tue Dec 01, 2009 6:46 am

TROM Tourney Teams so far 01/12/09 : ... -t869.html

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