My suggestions on how to improuve artillery survavibility

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My suggestions on how to improuve artillery survavibility

Postby Lord Desaix » Fri Jun 19, 2009 1:22 pm

I hope Lordz are working hard on the new mod.
The new patch due on 22 of June will increase the train and casson/cannon strenght partially sorting out the ridiculous fragility shown till now. This will hopefully makes me to start play Empire MP again.

But having played and tested in single the new patch values i have to suggest a couple of modificationd to stats to make artillery playable whatever we're talking about NTW3 or the NBG mod by Mooncabbage.

1) Increase the Hit points of Train_6 and Train_2 to 80 (last column of battle_entities table in DB) and to 50 for casson and artillery_fixed, artillery_medium, artillery_heavy and artillery_light

2) Set the horse train to 2 horses instead of 6 even for horse artillery (look at the relative column in the unit_land_stats. The six team horse is nice to look at, but much more fragile than the 2 horse train to round shot fire: one hit and all horses are killed at once. I think this is caused by the collision detection routine which considers the six horse train a single larger box.

I had some tests with this new values and the artillery duels remembered me the balanced time of NTW2, even though with infinite ammos different tactics must be employed.
But at medium/long range one can withraw a battery withouth the 100% of probabilities of being destroyed while moving.

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