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Multiplayer Clan Rosters and Contact Info

Posted: Thu Mar 05, 2009 3:33 am
by Lord BloodnGore
The Kings Own:


The Kings Own is a British base clan which represents the British Empire during the Napoleonic age. We have been around from the very beginning of NTW and have many veteran players who don't mind teaching a noob the ropes.

We are comprised of 3 corps and 1 Naval Squad, the Royal Foot Guards (RFG) the Light Division (LD) the King's German Legion (KGL) and the his majesty's Royal Navy (RN) which are all run by their own Field Marshal/Lord Admiral. Altho we are a British base clan, we are a melting pot of different nationalities from different regions of the World, like the USA, Turkey, Britain and Germany to name a few. We are accepting applications if you wish to be part of our clan, we charge no fees, and we have no age requirements, we only ask for mature players willing to be part of a team! We are a talented and enthusiastic group of people and we are growing every day. So take the shilling and join the King's Own!

ATM we are playing ETW, NTW1 (1809 mod) NTW2 and soon to come games such as Les Grognards. We have Vent for members.

KO Steam group (open to the public)

KO Forum:

Thank you

Re: Multiplayer Clan Rosters and Contact Info

Posted: Sat Mar 07, 2009 3:42 pm
by JC_von_Preussen
Le Clan des Grognards


At the origin, the very french clan of NTW2, but which has turned into a melting of people speaking different languages (but who yet have some interest in learning french).
(We have players from the Netherlands, Ukrain, the US, etc. We also granted honorary citizenshop to famous NTW members ( Ziethen and Jakob ;) )

As we are French, we all are persuaded (me too) to be the best players of NTW2. Hence all the quarrels that took place with people of the community having a bit of ego (I wont quote anyone :D ).

Grognards are real good friends having meetings, parties... And we even sometimes organise visits of Battlefields, Towns (Paris ! Articho is the best guide you could get).

You all almost already know us I guess, but I invite you to pay us a visit there again :

Thank you

Re: Multiplayer Clan Rosters and Contact Info

Posted: Sun Mar 08, 2009 9:24 pm
by Lord Legless Lannes



Napoleonics is a community of online gamers dedicated to simulating napoleonic/musket & sabre warfare. Our endorsed platforms are NTW2, and ETW. We are also looking forward to Histwar: Les grognards and any other platform that accurately depicts the era.

We're a varied bunch from all over globe, we have a new site on the way but you can still catch us on the old one till then. As a great man once said "Ability is nothing without opportunity".

Best Regards

Re: Multiplayer Clan Rosters and Contact Info

Posted: Tue Mar 10, 2009 10:58 am
by Lord Desaix


A weel known clan established in the italian community active since the end of the XX century on rts games dealing with ancient, napoleonic and IIWW periods.

At present we play Empire, Men of War (maybe the greatest game online of the IIWW) and hopefully LG even though the missing of a central server will be a problem.

We usually organize an annual diplomatic and strategic campaign (last edition on Med2) who gathers lots of interest in the TW italian community: 8 clans involved and more than 80 players in the last run. Every try to manage a napoleonic campaign on NTW2 had been aborted due to instability, so we hope this time will be the right one.
Our current project is an automated campaign (maybe international) on Men Of War and, when patched, on Empire Total War.

We're about 15 mature members active who don't appreciate lobby spam about italian characters and food :evil: :mrgreen: (Desaix whistle to some Grogs... :wink: )

Re: Multiplayer Clan Rosters and Contact Info

Posted: Thu Mar 12, 2009 1:58 pm
by Lord Gunner24

NBC is for Napoleonic War Game players, who want an enjoyable experience, with other like minded individuals, without too much fuss and formality. NBC will not get immersed in “red tape”.

The objective of the NBC is to bring together a group of players to play Napoleonic games, such as ntw2, ETW and LG (when it appears), in a serious, but also a fun and enjoyable manor. Winning games and battles is great, but playing well and enjoying the game with other members of the Napoleonic gaming community is far more important.

While having fun is a high priorty, it's also good to be able to challange the better players. These are often, but not always, "Clan" members. The ability to play with a known group of players does lead to a sharing of tactics and idea's, which can only lead to a better experience all round.

New members will be welcomed into the organisation without any need for an interview or reference. As long as you are able to behave in a mannor that fits in with the NBC standards then everyone is welcome.

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Posted: Thu Mar 12, 2009 5:37 pm
by Jakob

SAis a short form of Svenska Armén. We are a clan that was formed by two Napoleonic era fans in October 2007. Since then, SA has done it's best to emulate the Swedish/Finnish warfare and command structure.

The fundamental idea of SA is to simulate the "Swedish" side of the great era of 18th and 19th centuries. This does not mean that we are strictly Swedish or something like that, we welcome anyone regardless of nationality.

SA follows military style command structure that has several levels; High command, army corps, brigades and finally regiments. Your possible tour of duty will take you from bottom to the top, if you prove yourself to be worth it. Any fresh member has the chance and the right to sit in the high command one day. We promote people by their actions on the battlefield, not by politics or noble birth.

SA is currently preparing for the coming release of the ETW. To be effective in that new game, the SA is currently recruiting new members that like to be part of the "Swedish" side of warfare and politics.

If you feel interested about SA or are considering joining, please check out the recruitment form. In case you just want to know more, please leave a post on the site.

-SA High Command



Re: Multiplayer Clan Rosters and Contact Info

Posted: Sun May 03, 2009 9:49 pm
by D|need
I'm in the clan called
"Warriors of Crom"

We are international (european) players (i.e. Britain, Germany, Turkey, Norway) and active on RTW, M2TW retrofit, ETW (mainly ETW at the moment).

We are few but skilled members and accept good player with an even better attitude only ;)
We also participate in a few tourneys, such as CWC. If this clan sounds interesting to you search for the (WoC_ tag in the game lobbies and have a few games with us. :)

Here is our clan-video:

Here is our forum: