Chronology of the Napoleonic Wars

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Chronology of the Napoleonic Wars

Postby Lord Uxbridge Ist » Sat Dec 27, 2003 4:58 pm

Chronology of the Napoleonic Wars

20th April French Assembly declares war on Austria
15th May France declares war on Piedmont
26th June First Coalition formed
20th Sept Battle of Valmy
6th Nov Austrians defeated at Jenappes

1st Feb Convention declares war on Britain and Holland
20th Feb Convention calls up 300,000 conscripts
9th Mar Convention declares war on Spain
23 Aug Committee of Public safety decree levee en masse
16th Sept Bonaparte takes charge of artillery before Toulon
19th Dec Toulon falls
22nd Dec Bonaparte promoted to brigadier general

26th Jun Defeat at Fleurus forces Austrians to evacuate Belgium
27th Jul Overthrow of radical Committee of Public Safety

16th May Peace of Basle, Prussia leaves war
19th Aug Peace with Spain
5th Oct Bonaparte puts down attempted coup

1st Mar Directoire appoints Bonaparte commander Army of Italy
27th Mar Bonaparte assumes command
10-22 Apr Bonaparte?s offensive against Austro-Piedmont
28th Apr Piedmont sign armistice
10th May Action at Lodi
15th May Milan occupied
4th June Investment of Mantua
2-5 Aug Battles of Lonato and Castiglione
1-12 Sept Wurmser breaks through to Mantua
3rd Sept French defeated at Wurzburg
8th Oct Spain declares war on Britain
15-17 Nov Battle of Arcola

14th Jan Battle of Rivoli
2nd Feb Mantua surreders
18th Apr Armistice of Leoben
17th Oct Treaty of Campo Formio with Austria

12 Apr Bonaparte appointed commander Army of the Orient
1st July Bonaparte lands at Alexandria
21st July Battle of the Pyramids
1st Aug Nelson destroys French fleet at Aboukir
21st Oct Cairo revolt suppressed
29th Dec Second Coalition formed

29th Jan French occupy Naples
6th Feb Bonaparte invades Palestine
1st Mar Russia declares war on france
17 Mar-20 May Siege of Acre
25th Mar Archduke Charles defeats French at Stockach
5 Apr-15 Aug Austro-Russian forces recapture Italy and Switzerland
25th Jul Bonaparte smashes Turks at Aboukir
23 Aug Bonaparte sails for France
27 Aug-19 Nov Anglo-Russian landing in north Holland fails
25-30 Sept Massena defeats russians near Zurich
9-10 Nov Coup establishes Consulate
14th Dec Bonaparte becomes First Consul

6 Apr Austrian offensive in north-west Italy
3rd May Moreau victorious at Stockach
15-21 May Army of Reserve crosses Alps
14th Jun Battle of Marengo
3rd Dec Battle of Hohenlinden
16th Dec Northern (Armed Neutrality) League formed

9th Feb Peace of Luneville
23rd Mar Tsar Paul murdered; Alexander succeeds
2nd Apr British attack Copenhagen
2nd Sept Army of the Orient capitulates

26th Jan Italian republic established
25th mar Peace of Amiens
11th Sept France annexes Piedmont
15th Oct France invades Switzerland

16th May Britain declares war on France
1st Jun French seize Hanover
15th Jun French army concentrates along Channel

21st Mar Duc d?Enghien murdered
18th May Napoleon declared Emperor
19th May Marshalate created
2nd Dec Napoleon crowns himself
14th Dec Spain declares war on Britain

11th Apr Anglo-Russian Alliance
26th May Napoleon crowns himself King of Italy
7th Jun Eugene appointed viceroy
9th Aug Austria joins Third Coalition
27th Aug Grande Armee marches for Danube
9th Sept Austria invades Bavaria
7th Oct French elements cross Danube
20th Oct Mack surrenders at Ulm
14th Nov Napoleon enters Vienna
2nd Dec Napoleon victorious at Austerlitz
26th Dec Treaty of Pressburg

1st Apr Joseph Bonaparte becomes King of Naples
20th Jun Louis Bonaparte becomes King of Holland
12th Jul Confederation of the Rhine established
9th Aug Prussia mobilizes
1st Oct Prussian ultimatum to France
6th Oct Fourth Coalition formed
7th Oct French enter Saxony
14th Oct Battle of Jena-Auerstadt destroys Prussian Army
26th Oct Napoleon enters Berlin

8th Feb Battle of Eylau
18 Mar-27 May Siege of Danzig
13-14 Jun Battle of Friedland
7-9 Jul Treaty of Tilsit
2-7 Sept British bombard Copenhagen, seize Danish fleet
1st Dec Junot occupies Lisbon

2nd May Murat represses Madrid uprising
6th Jun Joseph Bonaparte proclaimed King of Spain
9th Jun Austria establishes Landwehr
20th Jul French corps capitulates at Baylen
1st Aug Wellesley lands in Portugal
21st Aug Battle of Vimiero
14th Oct Erfurt congress concludes
27th Oct Moore moves to operate in Spain
5th Nov Napoleon assumes command in Spain
4th Dec Napoleon smashes Spanish forces and enters Madrid

8th Jan Austria decides on war
16th Jan Napoleon forces Moore to evacuate at Corunna
9th Apr Fifth Coalition formed
10th Apr Charles invades Bavaria
20-24 Apr Napoleon defeats Austrians in Bavaria in series of battles
26th Apr Wellesley returns to Portugal
12th May Battle of Oporto
13th May Napoleon enters Vienna
21-22 may Charles repulses Napoleon at Aspern-Essling
14th Jun Battle of Raab
5-6 Jul Battle of Wagram
28th Jul Battle of Talavera
29 Jul-9 Dec Abortive British expedition to Walcheren
14th Oct Peace at Schonbrunn
20th Oct Start construction Lines of Torres Vedras

17th Apr Massena appointed commander Army of Portugal
9th Jul Massena takes Ciudad Rodrigo
9th Jul Napoleon annexes Holland
28th Aug Fall of Almeida
27th Sept Battle of Bussaco
10th Oct Massena?s advance stalled by Lines of Torres Vedras

5th Mar Massena begins withdrawal
3-5 May Battle of Fuentes de Onoro
16th May Battle of Albuera
23rd dec Napoleon begins preparations to invade Russia

19th Jan Wellington storms Ciudad Rodrigo
6th Apr Badajoz falls with shocking attrocities
20th jun Sixth coalition formed
24th Jun French cross Niemen into Russia
22nd Jul Battle of Salamanca
12th Aug Wellington enters Madrid
17-19 Aug Battle of Smolensk
7th Sept Napoleon defeats Kutuzov at Borodino
9 Sept-18 Oct Wellingtons siege of Burgos fails
14th Sept Napoleon enters Moscow
19th Oct Napoleon evacuates Moscow
24-25 Oct Battle at Maloyaroslavets
19th Nov Wellington falls back to Portuguese frontier
26-28 Nov Battle of the Beresina
5th Dec Napoleon abandons army
14th Dec Last French elements leave Russia
30th Dec Yorck signs Convention of Tauroggen neutralizing his corps

4th Mar Russians enter Berlin
16th Mar Prussia declares war on France
2nd May Napoleon defeats Russo-Prussian army at Grossgorschen
18th May Bernadotte and Swedish troops land
20-21 May Napoleon defeats Russo-Prussians at Bautzen
23rd May Wellington advances into Spain
4 Jun-17 Aug Armistice at Pleischwitz
12th Jun French evacuate Madrid
21st Jun Wellingtons victory at Vitoria
27th Jun Austria joins Russia and Prussia
12th Aug Austria declares war on France
23rd Aug Battle at Grossbeeren
26th Aug Macdonald defeated on the Katzbach
26-27 Aug Napoleon defeats Schwarzenberg at Dresden
6th Sept Ney defeated at Dennewitz
8th Oct Bavaria joins Allies in Treaty of Ried
16-19 Oct Combined allied armies defeat Napoleon at Liepzig
18th Oct Saxons defect to Allies during battle
30th Oct Napoleon defeats Bavarians at Hanau
10th Nov Battle of the Nivelle

11th Jan Murat signs separate peace with Allies
1st Feb Blucher repels Napoleon
10-14 Feb Napoleon mauls Prussians at Champaubert, Montmirial and Vauchamps
17-18 Feb Napoleon defeats Schwarzenberg at Monterau
9th Mar Blucher defeats Marmont at Laon
13th Mar Napoleon victorious at Rheims
20-21 Mar Battle at Arcis-sur-Aube
25th Mar Engagement at Fere-Champenoise
31st Mar Allies enter Paris
4th Apr Marshals demand Napoleon?s abdication
6th Apr Napoleon abdicates
10th Apr Wellington defeats Soult at Toulouse

26th Feb Napoleon escapes from Elba
20th Mar Napoleon enters Paris
25th Mar Seventh Coalition formed
31st Mar Murat declares war on Austria
3rd May Austrians defeat Murat at Tolentino
15th Jun Napoleon with Armee du Nord crosses into Belgium
16th Jun Napoleon defeats Blucher at Ligny
16-17 Jun Wellington delays Ney at Quatre Bras
18th Jun Wellington and Blucher defeat Napoleon at Waterloo
22nd Jun Napoleon abdicates
"There is no beating these troops. They were completely beaten; the day was mine, and yet they did not know it and would not run." - Marshal Soult in his report to Napoleon after the Battle of Albuera, 16th May, 1811

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Lord Crow

Postby Lord Crow » Fri Jan 14, 2005 10:17 pm

This ia an excellent source of Reference.

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Postby HuronKing » Thu Nov 24, 2005 7:16 pm

For the sake of closure could you please add that Napoleon dies on St. Helena in 1821? :oops:
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Re: Chronology of the Napoleonic Wars

Postby Commander Hill » Sun Nov 27, 2005 12:27 am

Lord Uxbridge wrote:1807
2-7 Sept British bombard Copenhagen, seize Danish fleet

great list, but I am sorry to say that this is not percisely correct - it gives the impression the England took the hole fleet at this time, and that this is where Denmark enters the war.

Denmark enter the war in 1801 and on the 2. april 1801 Copenhagen was attacked and the english took off whit most af the ships they could find, and made/forced Denmark to a state of peace.

It is true that an English fleet whit soldiers attacked Copenhagen on the 2 sep. 1807 (whitout declaring war, but as stated it was a state of peace, not peace whitout incounters, not deadly incounters - but political incounters and so fourth) and on the 7 sep. Denmark surrenders. England takes off whit the majority of the fleet, few ships where saved (they were dismantelt because of the comning of winter).

This event do not mark niether the start of Denmarks involment in the war or the final defeat of Denmark.

I just read the list as if 1807 was the time when Denmark entered the war, and also was defeated, and wanted to point out that this is not entriely true.

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Postby Canute » Sun Nov 27, 2005 10:43 am

Trafalgar's missing ;)

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Lord Crow

Postby Lord Crow » Sun Nov 27, 2005 3:13 pm

I think you will find that Britain attacked Denmark not just England m8. I think Lord Uxbridge was generalising there. The Danish fleet was more or less destroyed and the RN took the best ships away, I'm not sure about numbers but thought its the best part of a dozen ships. If only the Danes would have sided with the Allies then she would have kept her fleet but hindsight is a luxury and I'm sure the Danes were following their own convictions.

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Postby Stipanivich » Fri Sep 08, 2006 1:37 am

Splendid of you to take the time to write this. Much appreciated.
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Postby LaSalle of the Orient » Thu Sep 14, 2006 1:42 am

Could you consider including Lasalle's capture of Stettin in 1806? A tremendous feat rarely ever repeated :P :lol:
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Postby Canute » Mon Nov 13, 2006 5:36 pm

Lord Crow wrote:I think you will find that Britain attacked Denmark not just England m8. I think Lord Uxbridge was generalising there. The Danish fleet was more or less destroyed and the RN took the best ships away, I'm not sure about numbers but thought its the best part of a dozen ships. If only the Danes would have sided with the Allies then she would have kept her fleet but hindsight is a luxury and I'm sure the Danes were following their own convictions.

One might of course speculate that the danes had very good reasons for trying their best to stay neutral (i.e. having Napoleon's Grande Armee just across the border;)).
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Postby Lord Wellington » Mon Jan 08, 2007 1:40 pm

There is not mention of the Battle of Trafalgar! :shock:
And besides I do not see the events that involved the Corsica and the Kingdom of Naples during the years since 1796 to 1799: the siege of Bastia from the British Royal Navy under Lord Samuel Hood and the siege of Naples from Lord Horatio Nelson and H.E. the Cardinal Fabrizio Ruffo on assignment of His Majesty the King Ferdinand IV of Bourbon.

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