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NTW3 7.6 - Release Notes & Download Links


This version is not standalone, you need to install the NTW3 version 7.5 before.
All details here: https://www.thelordz.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=138&t=16524

This patch is mostly about correcting mistakes and rebalancing gameplay from the previous version.


  • Minor adjustments have been made to some of the starting armies for more balanced game-play.
  • Saved games from your v75 campaigns are NOT compatible with the new v76 patch due to the updated changes.
  • Campaign db tables have been thoroughly checked and tested to remove small errors that affect game play and cause random ctd's.
  • The uniform files have been condensed for the SPC mod from the larger MP battle mod files and should result in fewer battle crashes.
  • There are a few small uniform issues that we'll be working to correct, they're listed here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/y8693fptj5tolmh/v76_SPC_known_uniform_issues.rar
  • ...please post any new uniform issues here on this thread:
  • A special thanks to Vilain de Bourg-en-Bresse for his usual help in play testing the v76 SPC mod :wink:

Naval Battles

Multiplayer gameplay changes (compared to 7.5)

  • All units cost about 10% less (if stats remain the same)
  • Musket fire: more effective at middle/long range, especially for skilled units
  • Artillery: barrage lasts five minutes
  • Artillery canister: reload slightly faster, more deadly
  • Howitzers: less expensive
  • Cavalry: less prone to trample infantry, especially when in square formation
  • Cavalry: increased speed difference between heavy / medium and light cavalry
  • Heavy cavalry : lower defense
  • Lancers: less effective

Reshaped rosters

Image Image
France 1799's and the Peninsular Coalition's infantry and cavalry rosters have been completely redone.

Image Image
France 1811's and Russia 1812's cavalry rosters have been redone.

Spain 1812's infantry and cavalry rosters have been significantly improved.

Image Image
Spain 1808 and Ottomans' rosters have several new units.

A few more factions have one or two new units.
Artillery icons have been redesigned to be more easily recognizable in battle.

Unit descriptions

Russia 1807's units descriptions are all available (many thanks to MighyOwl)

Download and installation

:arrow: Be advised that your anti-virus software may want to quarantine the ntw3.exe file because its new (with little history), exclude this file from future scans so it's not removed when your anti-virus does a file scan.

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