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Multiplayer battles: overall

  • 750 new units: this version's main target was to make all rosters 'regimental', meaning each cavalry or infantry unit is now named after a historical regiment/battalion/squadron with accurate uniforms, names, numbers and stats.
  • 120 new generals: a wider variety of generals for almost all the factions
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  • 3 new factions: Helder expedition 1799 (an Anglo-Russian army), France Orient 1798 (French army in Egypt and Levant), Vistula Legion
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  • New army building interface: building an army was quite difficult with the NTW3 large roster, even when using some external UI mods so we have designed a new interface for NTW3. Clearly separating units accordingly to their category (i.e. elite/grenadiers/skirmishers), sorting them from the most to the least expensive. Some factions have a specific display (i.e. Confederation of the Rhine, Peninsular coalition); this new UI has been designed for three different screen resolutions (to be selected in the launcher)
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  • 1100 improved uniforms: corrections, improvements to whole uniforms or just shoulder patches or shoe buckles for all factions.
  • Factions are now displayed in three columns: 1) France and its allies or satellites; 2) Coalition against France; 3) Neutral or switching factions
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  • A guide for beginners is available online, with fully detailed stats on all NTW3 units: https://www.thelordz.org/ntw3/stats/data.php (available from the launcher)
  • All artillery guns are now displayed in different sizes depending on their calibre.
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  • Descriptions: 800+ units now have a complete descrition
  • Hardcore battles: not compatible with classic MP battles (players need to select this option in the launcher to play it), it's the same as classic battles but most information is hidden.

Multiplayer battles: gameplay

All comparisons are made from the former 7.6 version of NTW3

  • Chevrons: faster to gain, each chevron provides +1 in melee and defense, +2 in accuracy, +10 in reloading; +1 morale for the 3rd and 6th chevron
  • Generals: all generals are rated from 0 to 9 stars (only Napoléon has 9 stars), each star provides +1 morale for all allied units within the general’s radius.
  • Morale: scale has been divided by 5, to be compatible with the generals' rating stated above
  • Morale: units rout faster from recent losses, but suffer less from previous losses
  • Morale: the important "resistant to morale shock" trait is now much less widespread, almost all heavy cavalry and grenadiers have it, and the best units from others categories
  • Artillery: ricochets for round shots are working again, making them more effective and more expensive
  • Artillery: slow artillery are slower, fast ones are faster
  • Howitzers: more effective against infantry (only if aiming manually)
  • Heavy cavalry: usually larger, for little extra cost
  • Medium cavalry: slightly more maneuvrable
  • Light cavalry: much more maneuvrable (not faster but turning faster)
  • Grenadiers: increased cost
  • Skirmishers: their huge misfire rate has been reduced, they are now much more effective, though still very vulnerable
  • Militia: low-end accuracy is slightly more effective, but militia and irregulars are more prone to mass-rout
  • ... the list could be very long, these are the most visible changes from the previous version, but many other gameplay changes have been added or adjusted

Download and installation

Patch 8.1

  • Units' cost slightly reduced
  • Morale: overall light reduction, musketfire causes much more morale debuff, charging is more strenuous
  • Generals' stars: 20% cheaper
  • Shorter range to spot hidden units from the fog of war, except for light cavalry
  • Some scenario fixes
  • Infantry ammo fixes
  • Wrong cards and inaccurate names corrected
  • Internal launcher improvment
  • Longer range for skirmishers (with increased cost)
  • More Grenze units for Austria
  • More line infantry for Russia 1812
  • Prussia 1806, Denmark, Sweden: cavalry cards redone
  • Piedmont-Sardinia 1814's many cards redone
  • Sept-Îles artillery general is not static anymore
  • "no custom UI" compatibility bug fixed
  • A few new generals (Austria, Russia 1807/1812, UK/Canada)
  • Foot artillery pace is now on a F1-F6 scale
  • Artillery less vulnerable to artillery fire
  • Better resistance of squares against cavalry
  • All abilities (guerilla, stakes, etc.) are listed on top of a unit's description (tooltip)
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Patch 8.2

  • Distinction between armoured and non-armoured heavy cavalry. Armoured heavy cavalry is slower (C1-C2) but has much better defense than non-armoured (C3-C4)
  • New faction: Russian Imperial Guard (1812-1814)
  • Spain 1808 climbs up to 10-points, with 90 new units, and major stats review
  • Spain 1812 gets 60 new units, with also a wide stats review
  • Prussia 1813 goes down to 9-points
  • 40 new units for the Holy Roman Empire, with several changes for its infantry stats
  • Light cavalry and lancers get an overall lower defense
  • Infantry generals can't inspire anymore (can still rally)
  • Fighting generals price reevaluation, cheap ones are more useful
  • New mechanic for melee-able skirmishers
  • Ammo correction for Prussia 1806 and several underrated generals
  • 35 new generals in many different factions
  • Correction on some generals' portraits
  • About 250 new detailed descriptions of units and biographies
  • New theme for the Russia Imperial Guard
  • Mass rout effect slight increased
  • Countless minor stats changes
  • In-game flags are square-shaped, as they used to be
  • MP hosting settings: only medium funds and medium unit size can be selected
  • Correction of a small issue caused by the NTW:Definitive Edition update
  • More detailed uniforms for the Peninsular faction
  • Chevrons removed from French Guard uniforms
  • Many uniform bugs corrected
  • 400+ cards redone or corrected
  • Screenshot mode (in the launcher) corrected
  • Only compatible hosted battles are displayed in the lobby
  • In the MP lobby, the map and duration are displayed
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Thank you to contributors (alphabetically): Adferiad Brics , Alexazariii, Dan Bogdan, BenStyke, Karlsson and Kettch. Thanks to Wangrin and the MOE mod for their Polish czapka mesh and textures.

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