- December 28, 2010

Napoleonic Total War III has been released as a Beta. Read more about in in our mods section

Download links:

download 1
download 2
download 3


- September 29, 2009

Six new maps released. The new map-pack contains a total of 21 maps, and is fully compatible with ETW version 1.4

A steam group has also been created, for those that use the Lordz map.

(Membership is restricted to forum members)


- June 22, 2009

Nine new maps released, for a total of 15 maps for multiplayer or custom battles, all included in the new map-pack for ETW.


- April 26, 2009

The Lordz release six new maps for Empire. Made by Badger and Gunner24.

Map Preview

Released are also the editing tools by Hokomoko, as well as a tutorial on map making by Badger, for the benefit of the modding community at whole.