TWC 2008 hall of fame 2006


Lord Clausewitz
Lord Desaix
Lord Fullin
Lord The Fenix
Lord Avon_Ulysses
Lord Legless Lannes
Lord Liberalis
Lord Sean Cappone

TWC 2008 hall of fame 2006


Lord Adherbal
Lord Fishbone
Lord Hoggy
Lord Vercingetorix
Lord Zimoa
Lord Chretzel
Lord Myrddraal
Lord Lacedemon
Lord Prometheus
Lord Flint
Lord Palissa
Lady KC
Lord Carmack
Lord Drewry
Lord Ronin
Lord Winnie
Lord Attila Reloaded
Lord Crow
Lord Xelous

Lady Meg
Lord Braindead Colonel
Lord Hokomoko
Lord Badger
Lord Gunner24
Lord Wellington
Lord Markedman
Lord Nickster

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Lord Krazy
Lord Black Adder
Lord of Moray
Lord Hal
Lord Uxbridge
Lord Von Döbeln
Lord Ashram
Lord BloodnGore
Lord Shand
Lord of Storms
Lord Thindigital
Lord Le Bob































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